Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 23

Thirteen Things we said at dinner last night

(A Wiggles video was playing in the background for the twins.)

1. "I don't think that that Captain Feathersword is Paul Paddick. It must be one of the Field Brothers. His voice is too deep."

2. "And he has chest hair. Paul Paddick has no chest hair. All those Fields are hairy."

3. "I guess there are Plain Wiggles and Furry Wiggles."

4. "Yeah, Murray and Jeff are plain and Greg and Anthony are furry."

5. "How do you know that Greg is furry?"

6. "He had a pirate shirt on in one of the videos and he's got a mass of chest hair. I'll bet that Anthony can grow a beard in a couple of days."

7. "Hey! Listen to this: 'Influenza viruses did not originate in humans. Their natural home is in wild aquatic birds, and many more variants of influenza viruses exist in birds than in humans. But the disease is considerably different in birds and humans. In birds, the virus infects the gastrointestinal tract. Bird droppings contain large amounts of virus and infectious virus can contaminate cold lakes and other water supplies.'" ¹

8. "Thanks for that, Mom. I don't want to hear about it."

9. "Oh, this is one of the old Henry songs. Any Henry song is a bad song."

10. "This must be an old video. Dorothy is shorter than the Wiggles."

11. "Wow! Listen to this: 'Yet even when outbreaks are not deadly as a whole, influenza strikes so many people that even the mildest viruses almost always kill. Currently in the United States, even without an epidemic or pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control estimates that influenze kills on average 36,000 a year.'" ²

12. "MOM! I'm not listening, lalala...I'm not listening, lalala."

13. "When are the flu shots for this year? The babies have to get one but I'm not sure about the Big Girls. Hey, listen to this: 'From the time an influenza virus first attaches to a cell to the time the cell bursts generally takes about ten hours, although it can take less time or, more rarely, longer. Then a swarm of between 100,000 and 1 million new influenza viruses escapes the exploded cell.' ³ And did you know that, since the influenza virus goes inside the cell, the immune system can't find it until it's already mutated and exploded into the body?"

Bonus commentary: "MOM!"


¹ John M. Barry, The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, (London: Penguin, 2004) 101-102.

² Barry, 103.

³ Barry, 104.

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amy said...

great list..last summer i was able to learn hot potato hot potato and masta pasta maker from Italy...The wiggles were on all the time

mominprogress said...

don't ya just love those Wiggles.

Happy T13.

Elizabeth said...

Wowee. Mom!

I have to admit that the Wiggles have always scared me (I'm 21) and it is mostly due to all that hair (I once saw them dressed in Flintstone-esque caveman wear). Eep.

Happy 13!

Christina said...

Heeheee, I love it! Your dinner table conversation is much more eventful than mine!!

Beth said...

lol I can't stand the Wiggles-and I'm not a parent. #12 is classic. Happy TT!

Brony said...

It's always great to hear about families who have dinner together. It so important.
Happy TT!

dawn said...

well, that is interesting dinner conversation...probably more intteresting than ours here. We have been through the Wiggles stage...sometimes I miss it, sometimes I dont.

my list is up