Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 37

In which Lori compares and sometimes contrasts quilting with knitting

1. In quilting, man-made fibers are bad. In knitting they are wonderful.

2. A shop hop is still a shop hop, no matter which craft you persue.

3. Unknitting is no more fun than unsewing.

4. Many people look at you strangely, no matter which project you haul out to work on in a public place.

5.  Likewise, people will always come up to you and say, "My grandmother used to do that," as if you knew her and was her contemporary.

6.  People have no concept how much time/energy goes into making a quilt (or something knitted) and have no compunction about asking you do do something for them.  My standard reply with regard to quilting is, "No, but I'll teach you to do it yourself."

7.  Perhaps other people are different, but I have to concentrate when I knit.  For me, hand-quilting is a no-brainer.

8.  I could see doing both crafts in the summer, if time permitted but I think both crafts are something warm and cozy to do in the depths of winter.

9.  Stash is just a wonderful thing, whether it's yarn or fabric.

10.  Ditto free patterns.

11.  There is a saying in quilting, "I never met a quilter I didn't like."  Well, I've met a couple, but by and large quilters are generous, funny, cool people.  I don't know enough knitters IRL but the knitting books I've read and the blogs I've read would suggest that it is the same with knitters.

12.  It's a beautiful thing to make something that will be an heirloom, whether it's a quilt or a knitted sweater.  Not that I've made a knitted heirloom yet, but you get the picture.  It is like a tiny bit of yourself lasts.

13.  Both quilting and knitting calm my mind and give me back something that my brain needs to function better.  When I worked in a quilting shop, I used to tell the customers, with complete seriousness, that quilting was good therapy...and you had something physical to show for it at the end.  And I can look at a quilt that I've made, run my fingers over the quilting stitches, and remember what was going on in my life when I did it.  Sometimes I'm very glad that quilts can't talk.

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Annie said...

I wish I had the patience for quilting. And you're right about #12, it's wonderful to make something that will be an heirloom.

Happy TT!

Lady G~ said...

Two of my girls quilt. Our church has a quilting ministry. The ladies took my girls under their wings.

The ladies were an answered prayer for me. I do not sew. Have not made the time to learn. But I wanted our girls to learn. I believe it's a dying art.

They've been quilting for almost 4 years now. This past Christmas they made their youngest brother a very special quilt. He was speechless.

Caryle said...

Quilting is something I greatly admire, but simply do not have the patience for it. I could probably zone out watching someone doing it, though. :)

Thanks for dropping by this week!

scribbit said...

Yup, free patterns are the best. And with knitting they're everywhere it seems.

Haley-O said...

I'm working on the knitting right now. Blankets for babies. :) Maybe one day I'll check out quilting. :)