Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 40

Thirteen Things I've never done

1.  First, a moment of silence for the demise of Thursday Thirteen.  This is scheduled to be the final installment, unless Leanne decides to sell it to interested parties.

2.  Thanks for all the well-wishes regarding our nasty stomach virus.  Naturally, nothing (like laundry and house cleaning) gets done while Mom is down, so I spent the rest of the week playing catch-up.  Nothing like coming off your deathbed to Mt. Washmore and a cluttered house.  Kinda makes you want to crawl back in and not ever get out again.

3.  Ok, on with the show!  I've never received a speeding ticket.  I have been pulled over a couple of times (most notably last June, when we were leaving camp, but that was for not correcting fast enough and I didn't get a ticket) but never received the ticket.

4.  I've never travelled to Asia.

5.  I've never licked a frozen metal object.  Never even been tempted.  I guess that's due to my moving to the colder climes after I was an adult.

6.  I've never entered a quilt in a juried show.

7.  I've never developed a taste for green tea (yick!)

8.  I've never learned to crochet (I think I have a mental block against it).

9.  Likewise, I've never learned to spin (but it's on my list of things to do).

10.  I've never been a reenactor (but I very much want to be).

11.  I've never knitted anything in the round.

12.  I've never failed a class in school (although calculus in college was a very close miss).

13.  I never finished my Ph.D.  Since I don't use my Master's much, I don't much see the point but there are days when I wish I had.

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Raggedy said...

Thursday Thirteen has come to an end.
I have enjoyed my visits here and consider us friends.
Thank you for sharing your thirteens with me.
The comments you left me filled me with glee.
It is hard to believe it is really true.
I am trying very hard to not be blue.
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Annie said...

I can't believe you've never gotten a speeding ticket! That's amazing!

I'm also not a tea person, especially green tea!

Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

No speeding ticket eh? Lucky girl! I've never learned to crochet or knit...I'm not sure I would have the patience, though I do have the interest.

My 13 are up.

amy said...

we are going to Asia to adopt next year. What a list! Glad you are feelng better

Chelle Y. said...

I have all those "nevers" too. I almost failed calculus too. That was tough!

II agree with you about Tom Cruise. He was the cutie-patootie of our generation. What happened to him.

Lady G~ said...

Glad to hear that you are all doing better. Nothing worse when the whole family is ill. :o(

I'm sorry to say that I've gotten "3" speeding tickets. :o(

L^2 said...

Very interesting list. I can crochet, but I think that's the only thing on your list I've ever done.
Happy (last?) TT.

Mitchypoo said...

In case you don't know, TT is back! I like your list and may make it my topic, thanks. Knitting in the round is super easy, try it. It's great if you don't like purling.