Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 42

Thirteen quick and dirty things about this week and answers to blog questions

  1. It has been a fun but weird week here. Friends David and Judi are here visiting and Friend Husband and I haven't been getting much sleep. We figure that we don't see them much and it's worth it but we're pretty much zombies. Well, I'm more zombie-like than usual and FH is zombie-like.

  2. (See yesterday's Wordless Wednesday below for the pictures to which I'm referring...)
    I had a lot of questions about random things and I thought I'd share the answers with everyone. Yes, that was an alien in yesterday's dishcloth (or warshrag, if you prefer). Here is the link to the pattern if you desire to knit that puppy (or alien) all by yourself.

  3. I had knitted one in red for Friend Judi (also knitted her one of the state of Texas, where they now live, having escaped Norway) but when I saw that Hobby Lobby actually had the "alien green" that is in the example, I knew I'd be knitting another one. The second one was the one I had photographed for yesterday and it was really really tightly knitted. I knitted it on size 6 needles and pulled the stitches tight. That sucker will last forever. Or maybe not, since Friend Judi uses bleach to clean. But it is the most tightly knit thing I've ever done. My hands and arms ached after I finished.

  4. Although some of that achiness was also due to my constant lack of dexterity this week. I have fallen more this week than I have in the previous month, I think. On Monday afternoon, I stepped on something unexpected in the living room and pitched forward headlong into the meeting of the two walls in the doorway of my kitchen. Now it was fortunate that I was able to turn my head, otherwise, I'd probably have broken some bones in my face. As it was, I landed right on the outer cartilage of my left ear and man did it hurt! I literally screamed for a full minute, writhing on the ground. The reactions of the children were classic. David came over and tried to comfort me. Abby hid. Rachel ran into the room and asked if I was ok. Sarah asked if she needed to call 911 and Keziah stood there watching everything. When I was down to a whimpering, quivering mass of Mom, I was able to comfort and reassure them but man did it hurt. And it still does.

  5. Then yesterday I tripped on the baby enclosure (affectionately known as the "baby prison") and fell out of my fake Birkenstock shoes. That wouldn't have been so bad (but for the stubbed toes) but I also stepped back onto the edge of the fake Birks and not only killed the toes but the bottoms of those feet. When I caught myself, I realized that part of the pain in my arms was due to catching myself on the wall Monday. I'm just a dex-less mess.

  6. Yes, the grad pictures were of me (in 1985) and my mother (in 1965). I still think my mother is much more beautiful than I'd ever dream of being but I so appreciate the positive comments.

  7. Hey, we had spring for a few days! It was even hot! Rachel suggested that we pack the winter coats away but I replied in a sinister, knowing voice that it wouldn't last. And it didn't. It was 40º again this morning. That will probably make Friends Judi and David happy that they're going back to Texas, where the bluebonnets are about to be blooming.

  8. Ok, in the picture where I sort of look like a nun, that's the pillow I put over my head to block out the noise and light when I'm trying to sleep. Friend Husband put Zi atop me and I just pushed it up enough to see what was going on. Then David climbed up on us and that's what that picture was all about.

  9. Melanie, Zi wasn't sucking on David's fingers but David was patting her face. He can be very sweet. Except when he's not. Which is often.

  10. Ok, the top picture is of Rachel, whom Friend Judi has been affectionately referring to as a "dizzy blonde". (Friend Judi is a blonde, but not dizzy, so she's always looking for "her people".) We were all sitting around one night and Rachel picked up the bike tire pump and was playing with it. I gave her the patented Mom glance which suggested she stop right now and Friend David quipped, "She's getting a refill." There was a pregnant pause and we all burst into raucous laughter. Refill...get it? Ha ha hahahahahahahaaha!

  11. Friend David is a total hoot, in a quiet, dry way. He is the friend after whom we named our own "sweet" little boy, as he is Friend Husband's most longstanding friend. (Yes, I'm trying desperately to not say "oldest friend".) Anyway, the twins have been following them around, trying out their names (Aunt Judi and Uncle David), although in standard twin fashion, they don't quite come out accurately and David's name comes out "Uncka Da-did". After a day and a half of this, he commented that he was "out-da-did". Again, the pregnant pause and one of my embarrassingly loud guffaws. When I told Friend Husband later, he also had a pause and a loud guffaw, so I didn't feel quite so ill-bred. Too bad they can't stick around longer. I'm sure the guffaws are very good for us.

  12. Yesterday, our David did something that ticked off his twin. She replied, in bell-like tones, "Da-did (insert last name here)! Bad, Da-did (insert last name here)!" I didn't even know she knew our last name, much less how to use it.

  13. Ah, what else? I don't know. Nothing I guess. This is a Seinfeld TT...a blog about nothing at all. Happy Thursday!

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Jenny said...

I'm so lost... But that's ok. It was a good ready anyway! :) Happy Thursday!!

Factor 10 said...

Great list! I am pining for an alien--very cool.
You should come and see us at Dorkbloggers-we're going to have a contest very soon for those dex-less (love that) moments 'fessed up in our blogs.
Happy TT!

Pen said...

Enjoy the rest of your visit with your friends!

Happy TTing!

Raggedy said...

Ouch! Ouch!
I hope you recovery from those household injuries soon!
Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Qtpies7 said...

Oh my gosh! My dd fell and landed on the corner of the baseboard and cut right through the cartiledge in her ear! She had to have stitches. She had had her finger stitched 4 months before that so she was excited to go to the ER because they give her popsicles, lol, she was planning her color on the way.

Lady G~ said...

That's a lot of boo boos. :o( I so enjoy reading your posts. I'm pretty random in my thoughts. Welcome to my world. :o)

Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Uisce said...

I don't think it's ever about nothing. there's always something. happy belated TT!