Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I love being tagged! I guess I didn't exactly get tagged but I did tell Robyn that she could ask me some interview questions and I'd answer them. So here goes:

1. Are there more adoptions in your future? Well, I don't know. I rather doubt it, but I didn't think I'd be adopting ever, so I won't say no completely.

2. What is the weirdest thing you've done that you'll admit to? Well, here's the first one I can think of. You know how you park really far away because there are no close spaces and then when you are nearing the place where you want to be, there's one open, right up front? I will run to it, fling my arms wide, and say, "Hurry, hurry, go get the car!" So far, it embarrasses the biggest girls quite satisfactorily and it always makes Friend Husband smile.

3. What is the Sisters of the Traveling Skirts all about? Beats me! I know it's a bunch of fun gals from our brotherhood so I joined it when I moved over to this blog. I don't know anything about it other than that. I guess it's just another blogring.

4. Is your calendar always on the correct day/month? Yes and no. My monthly calendar (aka, "Mommy's brain") is always on the correct month. The daily calendar which is in my kitchen window is usually on the correct day but that's because Sarah usually rips off the old day for me.

5. What is your favorite book you read as a child? I loved and read the entire Little House series over and over and over. I still know large parts of it by heart. I so wanted to be Laura Ingalls Wilder. (I even dreamed about it last night, after writing this blog...)

6. What place outside the United States would you like to visit and why? Well, I've long desired to live in Israel for a period of time, visiting and getting to know the tenor of the place as well as just feeling like a part of the crowd. My minor in college was Middle Eastern Studies with a specialization in Israeli military history and Judaism and there are so many places I'd love to see.

Nowadays I think it might be neat to visit the village in Ethiopia where the twins were born and see how their family lived. If I could meet up with people who knew their birth family, all the better. I feel a big hole for them there and also for us. Who do they look like? What talents did their parents and grandparents have? What stories did they pass down that didn't make it to the twins? So much potential there, both for joy and for sadness.

7. What is your favorite way of spending time with your family? Well, I like it when we're all outside doing our thing but within sight of each other. I'm probably gardening or knitting, the twins are playing with their toys or running around, Rachel's riding her bike or climbing the tree, Abby's "thinking", Sarah's reading and Doug is just sitting there, looking at everyone. I also like it when we're all in the same room reading or listening to Doug read aloud. I even like it when we're watching old dvd's together because it doesn't happen too often.

8. What two things could you not do when you were a child, but you can do now? I assume this means other than driving and working crowd control on my children and the neighborhood children. Let's see: I'm a really good cook and I can do a lot of crafts that I couldn't do when I was a child. I taught myself to embroider and cross-stitch when I was young but I didn't quilt, tat, or knit.

Now its your turn to play if you wish!

Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." I will respond by asking you five, six, ten or a dozen (why be limited?) questions. I get to pick the questions, and I will message you with them and these directions. Just update your blog with the answers to the questions and include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five or however many questions.

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