Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not so wordless Wednesday

I think I may have made an error of some sort when I started to talk about my sister the other day and then just stopped.  I do only have one sister (unless you want to count my sisters in Christ and my sister-in-love, which I do) and she is getting married Saturday, in Texas.  We were not invited to the wedding.  I won't publically speculate as to why at this point, as I don't know the inner workings of her mind but we're not going to get to see that.

It's been an exhausting week...lots of activities to do, doctor's appointments to take care of, and our meeting with Glen Osburn next week to prepare for.  (If you're in the area and want to come, it's 7/22 - 7/29, the usual times.)  I do have a big "praise God" to report today.  My oldest daughter was diagnosed with scoliosis a year or so ago.  Fortunately, her curvature was not in the immediate range that they wanted to take corrective measures, other than back-strengthening exercises.  We went in for a recheck today and got good news.  Her curvature has not progressed any and as they think she's about to stop growing, they're not concerned that it will get any worse.  Hallelujah!  We were beyond pleased with that news.

My camera has been having battery issues so no pictures today...sorry!  If you want to see some cool pictures, go to my friend Robin's site.

And it's quite possible, with one thing and another, that I might not be online for a while.  Not to worry, the swallows always return to Capistrano and I imagine I'll find my way back to my computer desk.  I miss you all!

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shawn said...

I'm so grateful for the good scoliosis news!

My brother has it, we can blame him if you want ;)

Julie said...

I just noticed your readership is international... :o)

Praises going up as your daughter reaches maturity and her spine curvature is no longer worrisome.

My camera is in the shop. It is costing me $50 just to find out if it is worth fixing. It is only 2 years old and while I was in Haiti, it just quit working and wouldn't focus. The battery was fully charged, it hadn't been dropped or doused with water... nothing. It was $450 and I bet hasn't even taken 250 photos. :o(

Luckily, anticipating a loss of electricity and an inability to charge the battery on my digital camera, I had packed my old and trusty camera that uses film. That dinasaur takes forever to autofocus and the flash takes almost 2 minutes to charge, but at least I came home with pictures.