Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 61

Thirteen Things in my purse

Taking a page from Beverly's post last week, I will talk about 13

things that are in my purse right now.

First, explanatory photos:


Purse contents

Whitby sock 75 percent

The picture of the bag in question is on top. It is the first

Buttonhole Bag I made and still my favorite. It is about

10 ½" by 8". It's a little askew here because I am trying

to do this whole thing in a tearing hurry this morning.

1: Wallet, made by Friend Mary Ann.

2: Checkbook, which is usually on Friend Husband's

"shelf" where he lays his keys, wallet, papers, etc.

3. Cell phone

4. Tatting shuttle

5. Various knitting accoutrements, including, but not

restricted to: a crochet hook (helpful for picking up

dropped stitches), 4 DPNs of various widths, a cable needle,

a tapestry needle, scissors and nail clippers (for when you don't

have scissors), a stitch counter, a tool which has a needle gauge as

well as a ruler, and a ball band for the yarn I'm planning to use for

one of the twins' sweaters. Oh, and a needle protector. I think

that's it for Pile # 5.

6. Gum

7. An invitation from Friends John and Tonya to take the

Wild Bunch for an overnight visit at our discretion. Isn't that nice?

They're such nice people.

8. Ok, this is a grouping that I've entitled, "Stuff people give me

to keep or stuff I take from the twins". It's currently a smaller

stack than usual because I threw away all the used tissues and

gum, wrapped in foil wrapping. It currently consists of a small

bottle of nail polish (taken from David), one of Zi's bracelets, a

foam thingy you put between your toes when you polish them

(I have no idea where that came from), a packet of wax for Sarah's

braces (she doesn't carry a purse), an envelope of seeds from

Whitney & Clint's wedding.

9. Items for notetaking: a small memo pad (good for jotting

stuff down), a few pencils and pens. I prefer to use the Cross

pencil that someone gave me when I graduated from high school

(yes, that's what people gave for gifts back then) but I do have a

few spares because someone is always asking me, "Mom/Sweetheart,

do you have a pen?"

10. Part of yesterday's grocery list, the other part of which is still in the car.

11. Cosmetics: Lotion, cocoa butter stick, chapstick, & lipstick

12. The Keys to the Kingdom

13. The sock I'm currently working on, which is pictured in

the third photo. This lays atop all other things so that I can

(and I do) whip it out when I'm stuck somewhere, like in traffic.

What's in your purse (or man bag, as David calls his bag)?

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Lazy Daisy said...

A woman's purse always has lots of interesting stuff. #8 especially tickled me.

No Nonsense girl said...

That's what I'll do next week as a TT! That's a super cute idea...

Have a great day!!!

Yen said...

Great list! Never thought of that earlier:) Happy TT!

Mama Pajama said...

I'm not sure that I really want to know exactly what is in my purse! Fun TT!

Lori said...

That's a creative TT! Ihave a hard time carrying a purse. I guess I'm not girly enough;)

Nap Warden said...

Sad thing is my purse has diapers, and bum cream, and Cheerios...Oh to get back to lip gloss and blush;)

Julie@Shanan Trail said...

I carry a wallet on a string just to avoid having to carry thirteen of anything... anywhere. The whole thing has kind of backfired since the keys to my kingdom don't fit in my "purse." Hence, I never (and I mean never, ever) know where they reside. :o(

I love your felted purse. Perhaps if I knew how to knit, I wouldn't carry a wallet on a string.

I hope you don't mind my laughing at your expense, but when I imagined what David could do with a bottle of nail polish... HA HA HA!!!