Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 62

Thirteen jobs that I have had this week


1.  Chauffeur.  Yesterday was the chauffeur day.  Everybody had to be everywhere yesterday and I got to take them.  I got to negotiate the roundabout near NKU, which was kinda fun.

2.  Personal shopper.  My little newbie knitters requested their own needles instead of using colored pencils (Rachel) and my needles (Abby).  Also we've had to purchase a lot of homeschooling materials of late.  KA-ching!  Too bad it's not someone else's money I'm spending.

3.  Appointments secretary.  It was like Grand Central Station around here on Tuesday.

4.  Teacher.  Nothing new here.

5.  Mom.  Ditto.

6.  Psychologist.  One of my students is having a hard time and feeling overwhelmed with her life.

7.  Enforcer.  David has been incredibly stubborn about the rules this week.

8.  Medic.  See yesterday's picture of Keziah.  Actually, we all learn a lot of first aid around here because of the little people.

9.  Exterminator.  We have had all sorts of problems with ants this summer.  I'm going for the boric acid solution next.

10.  Physicist.  I was trying to explain the principles of cross-circulation to my sweating daughters.  I'm not sure I was successful.

11.  Alternative foods cook.  We're all about finding ways not to use the oven and stove.

12.  Plumber.  David persists in his goal to shove all sorts of random things down the sink drain.

13.  IT guy.  Sadly I'm the person for this family.  Which means we're all in trouble.  Big.

And who says that stay-at-home moms don't work?

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Miss Wisabus said...

I love it!

Sephora is a makeup/beauty store :)

Lori said...

Little women was about a mother left alone with four daughters while her husband is off at war. She wasnt divorced but she was raising 4 girls on her own:)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how many hats Moms wear, isn't it?

mom huebert said...

Busy day. Sounds pretty normal for our house too, except for IT. I've got three boys who cover that job...

Joanne (That Blue Girl) said...

Ha! That's why they say if a mom's were paid a salary they'd make over 100,000 with all the hats they wear. Great list and soo soo typical a day. Happy Thursday. Thanks for checking out my 13 art works too.

Guernseygal said...

Hi saw your comment about what is Gansey? on Pat's blog. The name of the sock is a bit of a play on words because of where I live. Gansey's are the traditional sweaters that were worn by fisherman in the UK. They were often adorned with patterns made using plain and purl stitches such as diamonds, waves etc. The name Gansey originates from the fact that a lot of these sweaters and socks were made in Guernsey - an island in the English Channel - which is where I live! The sock has gansey style hearts on it so the sock is called I "heart" gansey. Clear as mud :-)

Linda R. Moore said...

* chuckle * Yup, sounds like multi-tasking to me. ;)