Friday, October 12, 2007


Currently ReadingLook Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger'sBy John Elder Robisonsee related

I've been sort of unmotivated to blog of late. Not that you could notice that from my mega-messages this week, but life is sort of going on and I'm attempting to do a million things at once, which means I get nothing done. To wit:

1) Getting ready to go to the Bob Evans Farm tomorrow. It's kind of a jaunt, so I need to be prepared with food, etc.

2) Getting ready to do a big muck-out at the hacienda next week when Friend Husband is home for Fall Break. We all decided (well, we decided, the children certainly didn't vote for this) that it would be a good idea to finally get a grip on the house before winter set in and we're trapped in here for months on end.

3) Trying to figure out what heating/cooling system to go with, how to get it installed, and when. We've got over 100 gallons of oil in the oil tank yet and I told Friend Husband that I didn't want to just waste it to get the tank out of there. I'm in total denial about what an awful mess it's going to be to get that tank out of there when it's empty. (I can't hear you*la la la* I can't hear you*la la la)

4) In denial about figuring out which insurance plan to go with, now that the Job is switching insurance companies. I just hate trying to do stuff like that, which is why I generally pawn it off on longsuffering Friend Husband.

5) Ack! We're going to Texas next week! Or not. David had another relapse this week and is now on 4X the amount of steroid he was before. Hyper toddler boy + road trip + family reunion = not fun. I'm going to give it until Monday or Tuesday to figure out whether or not to go. He's been feeling pretty crummy also, which doesn't make for a fun trip.

6) We decided to allow the girls to set their own school schedule. This means that I give them their assignments for the day and they get them done when they want to. Or not, as the case has been. I informed Rachel that this was coming to a screeching halt when we got back from Texas, or before if we don't go. It drives me crazy, this schedule or lack thereof, even worse than the MOTH schedule drove me crazy at first.

7) What else? Just general stuff. Nothing terribly noteworthy, just life going on. So that is why I haven't been writing much. I have just been busy living.

Happy Friday, everyone!


TobyBo said...

Is the aspie book good? I have an aspie I love more than life but have not read that book (yet).

pat said...

I've tried them all - let them pick there own schedule/no schedule/mornings only/afternoons only/a few days a week/total unschooling/some curriculum/no curriculum/force and bribe/let it go/

Nothing is perfect! But it is all probably just fine!
Have fun in TX!