Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sock Completion and Family Reunions

Finally finished these and David (for whom they were knitted) made off with them before I photographed them. I finally found the socks but no son for a model, so I posed them with my gorgeous cat, Aragorn, who was not thrilled with the proceedings, as you can see.

The yarn is leftover Magic Stripes from a pair that Friend Gina knitted, then gave me the leftovers for my little one. I ran out of Magic Stripes on the second sock and filled in with KnitPicks Essentials. Pattern is from here. Kinda boring but it got the job done.

Ari with David's socks

David loves his socks but could only be compelled to wear them one day. We've got those variable temperature days where it's nice and cool one day (yesterday) but quite warm today. We got him a nice pair of boots yesterday (more of the "work boot" type thing rather than dress boot) for him to wear to church and out in the snow when it comes. I figure these babies should be excellent insulation for his little tootsies when it finally turns cold for good.

I was knitting away on these after church one Sunday when one of the other ladies walked up and said she wanted to learn to knit so that she could knit booties for her grandchild-to-be. Then she asked me how long it would take me to knit the second sock that I was working on. I told her that it generally took me a month to knit a pair of socks, working some at night and some on our car trips. That pretty much put the hurt on her desire to learn to knit. I think she thought it would be a quicker process. I told her to ask Sister Geraldine to teach her to crochet, that was a lot faster.

So, yes, these socks took a month to make. Obviously I'm not making hay quickly or anything, but I think it's really cool to be able to knit socks, even if it takes forever. I just hope that David doesn't lose them right away.

Big things have been afoot here. I think I've finally decided to go to my family reunion in beautiful Greater Melvin, TX (yes, that was tongue in cheek) this month. I dread dread dread the drive, but I'm afraid that the reunion will end before much longer and I want to see my mom's cousins again before the whole thing dries up and blows away. The only problem, in addition to just the drive, is my persistent depression which makes it difficult to get anything accomplished. I was actually chirked up some yesterday, thinking about the sweet people I'd be seeing when Friend Husband suggested that the whole thing was just a bad plan from the get-go. I still think it's a good idea, it's just going to be a difficult drive.

And since I'm attempting to be a good homeschool mom and the girls need direction, I guess I'll go to that, ending this with an amazing abruptness. Have a great day, everyone!


TobyBo said...

I just love a post about socks leading into "big things have been afoot." I will probably think about that till I fall asleep tonight. :)

I hope you can do the reunion. Sounds good to me.

Leigh said...

Hey, I've been through Melvin...on my way to San Angelo. How many hours will that drive be for you? I'm guessing around 16??? Leigh