Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's snowing?

Hello?  It's November 15th?  And what to my wondering eyes did appear, but SNOW falling from a sky so drear.

While I was not born there, I spent all but one year of my formative years in Texas, mostly in Austin and environs.  It did not snow in Austin.  Well, it did, but when it did, the entire city closed down until it melted.  No snow plows there, ya know.  And it was a grand and wonderful holiday for those of us deprived children who rarely saw the white stuff.

When we moved to Missouri after we married, I delighted in the snowfall.  Friend Husband, not so much.  (He hasn't the added insulation that I have.)  I'd call my mother in fiendish delight when I saw the first flakes of the year falling.  Mother, who had spent a cold year or so in North Dakota, would always respond, "Better you than me!"  It was a tradition that fell by the wayside when she passed.  I mean, who else could I call with such obvious delight and receive such a loving but curmudgeonly response?  Only my dear mama.

I have, however, passed my love of snow on to my girls (the twins don't seem so enamored of it).  We go out and dance in the first snow. 

I knew it had gotten cold last night and it was cloudy.  But it didn't seem nearly cold enough to snow, not to mention that it's NOVEMBER and it rarely snows in Cincinnati in November.  Imagine my surprise when I went out to mail a couple of letters (Bethany, you've got one on the way!) and noticed the flurries.  I had seen some before, when I was waving Friend Husband off to the salt  mines, but I'd dismissed it as the aberration of a troubled mind in the midst of NaNo, with not enough sleep in my brain.  But the flakes I saw later were bigger and more copious.

I had just gotten onto the girls for not working diligently on their schoolwork before I went outside.  I popped back inside and hollered, "Girls!  It's snowing!", which exclamation was echoed in their excited voices.  When I got back into the house, there was a happy dance going on in the dining room (no shoes on the feet = no dancing in the snow outside) and plans underway to get snow gear on and revel in it.  I believe it was Sarah who burst the excitement balloons for them by saying, "It's not going to snow enough to romp in."  No matter, we were excited.

Yes, we're weird but we like it that way.

Have a great day!  It's snowing in Milford, OH!  Since my own mama is not around, I'll just announce it to the Internets at large.


Robin said...

WeeHOOO! How fun, Lori. :) Hugs, Robin

Julie@Shanan Trail said...

["Better you than me!"]

Oh wait! It is me; it has snowed three times this year already. We had a late snow in April this year. And, it snowed the first week of November. Only 7 months without snow. The lakes still aren't frozen, but I suspect in 4 weeks or so to see fishing huts too ~ YUCK!