Thursday, December 06, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 68


Thirteen pictures I wanted to put up yesterday but dared not to stress the boundaries of Wordless Wednesday


The first few are some shots from the girls' Performance Night and Art Show a week ago, Friday.

1.   Abby's Hering pic

Abby's version of a Keith Hering-type picture, behind the snack line.


2.  Rachel with alien at PN

Rachel with her clay alien.


3.David at Performance Night with Hering pic

Dave in front of someone else's KH drawing.


4.  Rachel with Hering pic at PN


Rachel in front of her Keith Hering drawing.  (Yes, they were life-sized.  It was really cool to see all of the art work on display.)


5.  Abby with Hering pic at PN


Abby, in front of hers.  Now, Abby has had this thing lately about not wanting "to look stupid".  That's why she won't let me post a picture of her on the I-net with her glasses on.  And she didn't want me to take a picture of her in front of her picture because she thought she'd look dumb.  But when she went and did it, she looked great!  No tellin' with that girl.


6.  Playing duck duck goose


After the performance and fellowship time, a bunch of us left the overcrowded snack area and camped out in a newly-carpeted area adjacent to some other place that they're building next to the snack area.  A bunch of other children came out and soon there was a vigorous game of "Duck, Duck, Goose" going on.  Soon there were close to 25 children playing, from my young people to teens.  It was such great fun to see them all playing so well, having such a great time, and being supportive of each other.  Made me teary even.  This is not a good picture of it, but it was difficult to get any sort of a picture, so this will have to do for memory's sake.


7.  David's pumpkin pie


This is what my little schemer did to the pumpkin pie I made and hauled to my sil's house for Thanksgiving.  I think they called it "David's finger pie" the rest of the trip.


8.Sarah at Thanksgiving


This is Sarah at Thanksgiving, doing what she does best.


9.  All the cousins at Thanksgiving


Here are all the cousins at Thanksgiving.


10.  Abby going down the slide at Bounce House

We had a great time at Bounce House the day after Thanksgiving.  This shot doesn't do it justice, but I thought it was pretty fun anyway.  The photo from last week of Keziah and the little blonde girl (my niece Chloe) was from Bounce House.  Even we adults got into it.  I'm still nursing the scabs I got from plastic burns going down this yellow slide.  (Hint:  They tell you not to go down face first for a reason.)



11.  Abby & Gidget


This was a very difficult photo to take.  It is of Abby, crashed on the living room floor, with  my brother's cat, Gidget resting atop her.


12.  Lori and Autumn knitting


This is me, bringing my niece ,Autumn, over to the Dark Side, er, I mean, teaching her how to knit.


13.  Thanksgiving place setting


And finally, my sil's lovely Thankgiving place setting.  She's just so cool, I love her to death.


And that's a wrap!


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Sassy Lucy said...

Very nice pictures,and great artwork!!!
I remember when I let my kids (I homeschool) do some Jackson Pollack paintings they had a blast!
Nice TT
Penelope Anne

Kate said...

The children with their KH pictures look great.

tickledpink.nicole said...

Adorable. Fabulous Keith Herring images and way cute tablesetting.

Happy Christmas!

pussreboots said...

Lovely photos. Happy TT.

Nicholas said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

WOW! I love the alien pictures, they are GREAT!!! Super!

Julie said...

Wonderful photos... great artwork... and that finger pie! Too cute ~