Saturday, January 12, 2008

An award for Slacker Mom!

How did you know that I secretly covet cool blog awards, Sassy Lucy? Thank you so much for the one you gave me last month, the one that I am (finally) passing on. Here 'tis:

Now ain't that just cooler than cool? Thanks so much and here, I'll pass it on to some folks whose blogs I enjoy reading on a regular basis:
Of course, Friend Gina at Ward and June. Even though I live near her, I still stalk her blogs. I think she's cool.
Also, Julie at Acceptance with Joy. Although she writes with many more multisyllabic words than I am accustomed to consuming at any given time, I still hack away at her blog. Why? Because she' bright, she's interesting, she's a fellow homeschooler and transracially adoptive mom. Plus she's nice.
Pat at Pat's Knitting and Quilting. When I'm a grown-up crafter, I want to be like Pat. Plus, again, along with the talent is kindness and generosity.
Cindy at Ethiopian TripletLand makes me smile all the time. Friend Gina introduced me to the fun and madness that are the triplets and they've saved my sanity while they've challenged that of their parents. No, seriously, they seem to take parenting of multiples with aplomb and that's such an inspiration.
And finally, DharmaMama at The Biggest Ethiopian Flag on the Block. I know her and her family in real life and her blog doesn't do justice to the lovely person she is. I do read it, though, and always learn something. She makes me think, but doesn't hurt my brain too much.
Pass it on, ladies! And thanks for the hours of happy and insightful reading.


Gina said...

I've always wanted a blog award! I'll put the award in my sidebar to show I'm one of the cool kids now.

Pat said...

Well Thank you, Lori!! For the award AND your kind words! I just walked in the door from a weekend in Maine (Brrr!). What a nice surprise for me upon my return!

Anonymous said...


[Although she writes with many more multisyllabic words than I am accustomed to consuming] You know that I consider this a compliment, don't you? When my dad went to school to learn how to write Air Force training manuals, he failed and had to redo his last assignment because it was written at too high of a reading level. Was he ever torqued! Mad even!