Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Sort of Wordless Wednesday

Ok, the photos follow of our gift-giving extravaganza. I must say that it was very fun. I acquired much lovely chocolate (which will help me, as if I needed help in this event, to gain even more lovely weight), an Alison Krauss CD, and some time with Friend Husband (thanks, Sarah!). I think that the pictures might speak for themselves but today I will speak for them. Rachel got a dollhouse kit and earrings, which are what she's looking at in her pictures. Abby got a Webkinz horse and that photo actually captures her in midair as she's jumping for joy. BTW, I spent about 30 minutes trying to do red-eye removal on her demon eyes but I only succeed in making her look cross-eyed and/or inbred, so sorry for the demon eyes. We gave Sarah scrolls entitling her to dinner and a night out with each 'rent. She was thrilled. David and Keziah got many toys, including some loud ones (what were we thinking?!) and some sunglasses. Now that I've taken all of the mystery out of the photos, here they are!

gift 2008

Gift table

Sarah with scrolls

Rachel with earrings

Rachel with dollhouse kit 2008

Abby with Webkinz

Zi in hat and glasses


acceptancewithjoy said...


How fun. I like your wrapping paper ~ Actually, I had some just like it last year. I get my daughter's spirit a present and wrap it in white. Last year I couldn't find any so I bought the snowflake one ~ because Jesus' death and resurrection make her white as snow.

I have just started using Corel Paint Shop to "fix" photos and have found removing red eye is the most difficult thing for me to master.

Gina said...

I bought that same gift wrap at Meijer the other day. 75% off?

It looks like they had fun.

msta62 said...

Loved the pictures! Is it snow I see out the window, there behind the gifts? You seem to have snow in Ohio - we have rain and storms in Sweden!?!? Weird weather! :-(