Monday, February 11, 2008

It's Monday and it's cold...

Yes, I know that there are many other colder places on the earth but this is the place where I am and I'm here to tell you that it is cold. It's freezing today. Tonight, we have a winter weather warning. It is supposed to snow, then sleet atop the snow. Yick. The light bulb that is in the house of Lucy the Wonder Dog went out at some point and she was all shivery yesterday. Likewise, Elof, the Foster Dog was cold. It was so cold last night that we took the chance on putting them in the same crate (they really hadn't had much contact) and leaving them there in the garage all night. They seemed to pass a comfortable night and there were no visible marks on either one of them.

We have the latch to Lucy's tie-out taped shut because Lucy being Lucy, she finds a way to break off it at all times. Last night, of course, it was cold and we couldn't get the tape off the latch to get her into the garage. Dealing with Lucy requires great imagination and teamwork anyway because she has a tendency to run off given any opportunity. Finally, Friend Husband took out his knife and started peeling away at the layers of tape but even that wasn't progressing fast enough. Being the proponent of the "brute force method" that I am, I finally just took her collar off, told him to open the door to the garage and carried her in there. It apparently had not occurred to Friend Husband to try that. You should have seen the look on his face!

David seems to be having a pretty bad relapse of his nephrotic syndrome. It isn't responding to the increased dosage of steroid like we had hoped and today his eyelids are almost puffed shut. If/when he gets back down to an acceptable level of protein spillage, we have to go back in to Children's and get him put on a second-line medication to help the problem. I had hoped that it wouldn't progress to that point but there we are. In the meantime, he's gained 4 pounds in a couple of days. And the increased dosage of steroids makes him mean and hyper. He was up wandering around the house at 4:30 this morning.

So, here are some memes. I have to go up and bake now. Party's at my house this afternoon!

Manic Monday
In honor of Valentine's Day this week:

What is the most romantic movie that you've ever seen? Probably The Cutting Edge. Of course, I don't watch a lot of movies, so that could explain a lot.

If you could be the lover of any person alive other than your current lover, who would you pick? None. I'm not a "lover" sort of a person. I'm more of a "wife" sort of a person and I certainly couldn't imagine being married to anyone other than Friend Husband.

What scents remind you of a loved one? Well, I guess the scent of that person. Friend Husband smells sort of like water. Hard to explain, I guess. His personal scent is very fresh. I've already mentioned that my oldest daughter sometimes smells like my mother, which is weird yet comforting. Sometimes I'll catch a whiff of a perfume like the ones my mom used to wear and that reminds me of her. The smell of buttered hot rice and brown bread remind me of my grandmother.

Question of the Week:

And the Question of the Week is…

What is something memorable that you experienced as a child or teenager that your children will probably never get to experience?

There are a lot of interesting comments about this at the actual site. For me, it was being able to roam the neighborhood all day without checking in. I can't tell you what a sense of freedom that gave me (and probably my brother as well). We also spent months in the summer at my grandmother's house in the small town of Brady, where we could roam at will. My children will never spend months with their grandparents.

Curious as a Cat

Week Number 104

1) If you could know the location (i.e., heaven, hell, other) of any one person's soul, whose would you ask about?

My mom's.

2) When was the last time you literally screamed at the top of your lungs? I actually do that on a regular basis. Yesterday, Keziah was carrying around this giant rubber snake that is very realistic. To amuse her, I faked a freak-out. It was quite satisfying. I also scream when people startle me. Just ask Friend Husband.

3) What do you think is the most beautiful word in the English language? The least beautiful? Oh boy, this is tough. It's hard to separate the loveliness of the sound of the word and the connotation.

4) What is the most cowardly thing you've ever done? I've been pretty timid of late and let Friend Husband take care of issues dealing with the outside world. I guess that's cowardly but not quite craven.

5) Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one.

What first comes to mind is "Oh, that looks warm...I need to hold my icy hands near it!"

I guess that's it...not too many Monday memes. Happy Monday, everyone!


Cat. said...

I'm totally with you on the candle's warmth! :-) Also, I like your answer to the QOTW; it's very similar to mine.

Thanks for playing my Curious meme. Have a great week--hope the health issues smooth out a bit for you and it warms up!! (faint chance of that here, though)

Anonymous said...

Do they know what is causing David's nephrotic syndrome and are his kidneys being permanently damaged? Poor baby. I was nephrotic once upon a time. I couldn't believe how uncomfortable edema is.

About the steroids... when I was still working, one of the hospital I worked at started a heart transplant program. Everyone was so exited. The newness quickly wore off and none of the nurse wanted to take care of those wacky patients with steroid loads, too crabby and mean.

Gabriel said...

Very nice 'multi-meme' post, Lori.

Thanks for dropping by, have a great day!

Skittles said...

Great solution to the tape problem :)

msta62 said...

On the needles:
David's Homespun Sweater 100%
Just noticed! Any pictures of a pleased David?

Will mail you a couple of pictures of my gran's 95th bd, promise. The ones my brother took wasn't all that good, unfortunately, but..

Seems like spring weather here now - the climate is totally messed up! Apart from that - Have a wonderful day!

msta62 said... changed your blog cousin L!!! Pretty!

Leigh said...

How funny because one of my favorite movies to watch is The Cutting Edge! I've seen it numerous times but the one I've seen the most times is French Kiss. I don't know what about that movie I find so appealing, but it's one of my favorites.