Monday, March 24, 2008

The continuing (and ending) Elof saga and Mondays

Sarah's home! Yay! And all seemed to survive the trip (parents and grandparents included).

Elof now has a new home. Troy came by and got him last night. I think it'll be a good thing for Elof. Troy has a lot of room to run and seems very dedicated to his animals. Lucy the Wonder Dog is in mourning. So am I, truth be told, but, as Sarah told me, there are always the dogs at Circle Tail to love on.

I finally finished Keziah's sweater! I can't EVEN tell you how thrilled that makes me. All I can say is that her noggin better not get any bigger in the next couple of weeks or I'll take scissors to the thing. As we were sitting, waiting for church to begin tonight, I realized why her sweater was so much tighter in the neck (I had to redo the neck four times to get it over her head) than was David's and I devised a way to fix it. Why fix it? I'll tell you why. The length of it is perfect for her right now but the arms are gorilla-length. Instead of cutting off the sleeves and binding off the edges, I thought I'd take the whole thing apart, add more on the length at the shoulder, which will also give more room at the neck, and sew it back together. Next fall. Ain't no way I'm touching that thing again anytime soon.

I was just thinking today how much of a relief it is that I don't have to take the children to their Monday co-op anymore. That situation was just so very wrong for us in so many ways. It helps me to appreciate Mondays more now that I don't have to go to co-op!

Friend Gina is always dragging me kicking and screaming into being a better homemaker. Well, let's just say she inspires me. So here is my Menu Plan Monday, Gina. And Internets. And the potato soup was marvy. Ta-ta!

Monday: Potato soup with broccoli and sausage. David can't eat things that are too salty so if I put some of the sausage that's already thawed into a pot of potato soup, it won't be too much for him. Also good for me, since I've got to weigh in tomorrow and it's easy to eat and clean up quickly. We've got church tonight so that's paramount.

Tuesday: Spaghetti with the rest of the sausage, green beans

Wednesday: Steak (gotta clean out the freezer since a quarter of a cow is coming soon!), baked potatoes (can you tell potatoes were on sale last week?) and salad.

Thursday: Frozen pizza for the children, since Friend Husband and I will probably go out.

Friday: I'm hoping for waffles. Friend Husband has to trek down to Louisville with his Psych Bowl team on Saturday, so he won't be able to make his usual waffles on Saturday morning. Plus we've got a lot of eggs (also on sale last week). Maybe some cooked apples, if I can ever remember to get to Rouster's and buy them.

Saturday: Scrounging if our friends aren't coming over for dinner. Otherwise I'll have to find something in the fridge.

Sunday: I might have to do Rachel's birthday dinner on this day since most everyone will be out of the house on Saturday due to various commitments. I don't remember what main dish she wants but I remember sweet potato casserole & asparagus. And orange cake with chocolate chips...yum!


msta62 said...

Today is "waffle's day" here in Sweden. Might even do some! You are so very welcome to join me!!!

acceptancewithjoy said...

I am so glad your daughter enjoyed her visit with her grandparents!

I need a Friend Gina. Here is a plan I have had since I started homeschooling: Marissa has trouble following standard recipes. Say a recipe calls for cooked rice at step 4. Well, she does steps 1-3 and then starts to cook the rice. She needs recipes that are in do this, then do this order.

Anyway, as one of her independent living skills I wanted to help Marissa make a rotating menu with recipes written Marissa style. I even bought a Recipe Card stamp at Stampin' Up. That is as far as I have gotten.

I hate planning menus ~

Gina said...

My menu plan is already getting off track. I'm shuffling things around due to not being able to come home at noon tomorrow and plug in the crockpot. If I leave that lasagna all day, its going to be a wreck by 6. Its looking like Saturday becomes Wednesday's meal.