Saturday, March 29, 2008

My life as a servant

We are currently experiencing a birthday party-slumber party combination. We (that would be the 'royal we', meaning 'I am') are currently running out of patience with the entire endeavor. My 8-year-old, who is hosting the slumber party, decided that she and her guest and the newly-minted 13-year-old (complete with 13-year-old attitude) needed to have a dress-up tea party. I am playing the role of Sophie, the maid, who is unflappable.

The hostess has been reduced to tears on more than one occasion by the antics of her guests. Sophie has responded to her that it is quite impolite for a hostess to lecture her guests on proper deportment during a social event. Sophie further pointed out to her mistress that a good hostess is pleased that she can provide a variety of goodies for her guests (one of the guests didn't like the hot tea and was offered soda by the other guest, to the disgruntlement of the hostess).

Then Sophie had a discussion with the 13-year-old guest about how the guests are not supposed to call me "ma'am" (pronounced 'mum'), at least during the tea party, as they are the guests and I am the servant. A gleam lit the eyes of guests and hostess and many flippant remarks and requests were made along with snapping of the fingers and dismissive waves of the fingertips.

Sophie turned to the table at large and, with her carriage completely erect, made the comment, "Well-bred young ladies do not treat their servants without respect, lest the servants should spit in their food whilst it is still in the larder."

The look on their faces was priceless.

Sophie feels vindicated.


Gina said...

Hysterical post!

Go Sophie!

msta62 said...

Birthday wishes from my house to yours!! Hope mum/ma'am gets lots of well deserved pampering too in the end!

By the way - cake bought at the local bakery. I am the worst "sambo" - of all times! ;-)

Happy Saturday night to you all!