Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Thursday Thirteen # 80

Thirteen places I regularly visit on the Internet

1. Bloglines. This has totally spoiled me by allowing me to keep up with others' blogs at my leisure.

2. Facebook. I like the games. A lot.

3. Webkinz. Sadly, this has taken the place of Neopets for most of us here at the hacienda. Abby has a Webkinz (Horsey) and we spend a lot of time playing games and making Webkinz money for Abby to spend.

4. GMail. Gotta check my GMail.

5. Blogger. Right here...when I put up a blog post, I usually do it on Blogger first because Blogger tends to mangle what I put up on Xanga anymore.

6. Xanga. The site of my original blog and where I dual blog (along with Blogger) for people who prefer to be over on Xanga. And my friends that I read there.

7. Grocery Game. I'm here at least once a week to print off my list for the store. Saves me a pretty penny.

8. Calorie Count Plus. Friend Amy has convinced me to get back on the diet treadmill again. (Not to mention my rapidly expanding waistline.) This place has a lot of neat features such as a burn meter (which estimates the amount of calories you burn just by living and being yourself) and a food journal (much like the one I spent $10 a month on at

9. Ravelry. Since I missed a couple of important messages (yikes!) here, I've been checking in more often but I still don't spend a lot of time here unless I'm researching a project. Since I've been in Zidy Sweater Limbo for a while, I haven't worked on anything new.

10. Dogpile. Dogpile is my search engine of choice, although I do try to throw a few bones (heh) to GoodSearch to benefit Circle Tail.

11. Wikipedia. Always good for some information or laughs.

12. Blue Letter Bible. This has been an amazing tool for me to delve into the meaning of various words and phrases in the Bible that I don't really understand (and it's a lot easier to use than my hardcover Strong's.)

13. Neopets. Yes, I still have 2 accounts and 8 pets over on Neopets. My pets spend most of their time in the NeoLodge now so that I don't always have to feed them but I still enjoy playing some of the games. Not as much as I enjoy the games at Facebook and Webkinz though.

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Nap Warden said...

I gotta check out Bloglines...Google Reader isn't cutting it.

marcia said...

what a fun list of places I use many of the same If you like the grocery game you might like a site a lady I know started just a thought

come see my Easter bunnies

sarah said...

I will check out some of these. I'm trying to streamline though because I already spend enough time visiting sites that are not the best use of my time: )

pussreboots said...

So far I like Google Reader but I know I have a lot of readers who use Bloglines. Happy TT.

Nicole Austin said...

So many wonderful distractions on the Internet! Its amazing any of us ever get anything accomplished. *g*

Happy TT!

Adelle said...

I think I'd scare myself if I listed all mine lol Happy T13!

nicholas said...

We have 2 in common.

Anonymous said...

Great List! I am behind on visiting some of my regular places such as MySpace (two blogs) and some forums I belong too! Wordpress already takes up way too much of my time-lol! Thanks for visiting!

storyteller said...

Interesting list … most are things I’ve never heard of (let alone visited), but I am fairly new to this 'virtual' world. I use Google Reader to keep up with other’s blogs … gmail … and Blogger. I’ve used Wikipedia on occasion and may check out Calorie Count Plus.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching TV...then I got addicted to the Internet. Isn't it sad?

Cindy said...

Oh, cool! I love this list...I found some great links!

I might have to steal this idea for my next TT...may I?

The Mama Bear said...

Great theme...I use Blogger and Google Reader for now. I hit Wikipedia almost daily too.
Happy T13, mine is up for the week.

msta62 said...

So you are on facebook too?? I think I'll go try 'n find ya!

Cindy said...


Yes, I got your comment...I need to edit the spelling in that post, though, maybe worspress is accurate since you couldn't get to it!

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't have continued to blog if it wasn't for bloglines ~

I'll have to check grocery game. My grocery bill was way too high last week. Oh, but tomorrow, we are going to the farm... pitching in on processing fees and should have meat falling out of our freezer. Yoo-hoo!!! My SIL has a herd of herfords.