Monday, April 07, 2008


Hello Internets!

I am up and around, if not completely well. Don't know what I had but I was fairly unconscious for much of Tuesday and Wednesday. I did, in fact, remain conscious Thursday until Friend Husband returned home. As Friend Gina guessed, I had to do that in order to keep David from dismantling the house while I was asleep.

And this weekend, we celebrated Sarah's 15th birthday:

and Anna & Weston's nuptials:

And so, since I've lost a full week's worth of time, I get to play catch up! Yay! My very favoritest thing in the world (not!). Thank you so much for the expressions of hope that I would feel better. They did make me feel loads better. See y'all when 1) I'm caught up or (more likely) 2) when I'm sick of trying to catch up and I come and blog anyway. In the meantime, I'm also going to enjoy a little of the beautiful spring weather we're finally least until the rain comes back again.

Happy new week!


amy said...

sounds like a busy weekend!

have a good day

msta62 said...

Happy belated birthday Sarah! Lovely cake - must've been your mom/cousin L making it!! Looks delicious. Have a good Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad your feeling better. Do I detect birthday pie? My Dad always got pie for his birthday. His sister was born on his third birthday and she wanted cake. He always asked for something different. I think he wanted to make sure his mom couldn't pull a one for two deal ~