Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bad Blogger!

Ok, Julie, I will attempt to abide by the "you don't have to write if you don't want to" clause but I do feel rather bad about it. There's been a lot going on around here that I've thought about blogging about but for some reason just couldn't muster the enthusiasm. I'm attempting not to go with the immediate, "I think the depression is getting worse," reaction but for some reason I just don't give a hoot about much these days. It's weird; I hope it goes away soon.

So, I was going to do a TT about Friend Husband's endoscopy procedure but didn't. It went well but he was plenty nervous going in. He has never had a medical procedure aside from an EKG, which is, of course, not very invasive. I didn't like the idea that I wouldn't be able to wait back there with him when he was waiting to go in, knowing that he was nervous but those were the rules. Apparently, they have a speedy procedure once they get the patients back in the endoscopy area and that is good.

I sat out in the waiting room and chatted with an older couple and an older lady who was originally from England. It certainly made the hour go by quickly. It did occur to me, though, that I was turning into my late, great mil, who could and would talk to anyone anywhere and get their life story in an hour or less. Later on, as Sally (the English lady) was taking her husband (Paul) out, I waved to her and said, "Have a good time in England!" (Her daughter was having her second baby and she was going back to help out.) Her husband just looked at the two of us with amazement. Friend Husband is also always amazed at how much women tend to talk amongst themselves and what we say to one another.

So anyway, they let me back in with Friend Husband. He was asleep and a little pale, but other than that, ok. I put my hand on his arm and woke him up. He saw me standing there and had this very sweet smile come up on his face. Then he said a few endearing things that were more effusive than normal but not out of the normal range of things he says. You see, I was waiting to see if the stuff they gave him for twilight sleep would make him super-goofy. He was a little different, but unless you knew him well, I don't think it was evident. It amused me greatly though.

One of the funny things happened when the nurse came in and asked him what he wanted to drink. I advised him not to drink water, which is what he usually drinks, because of the effect that cold water can have on an upset stomach. He took his Coke and kind of looked at it like he wasn't sure he should be drinking it. After I encouraged him to do so, he took a few sips and asked the nurse why it was ok for him to be drinking it. I don't remember exactly what it was that she said but the gist of it was that they wanted to make sure he was ok and he needed some more fluids. Then she walked away. He asked me a couple more times why it was that he should be drinking now when he couldn't drink earlier this morning. I was in the midst of explaining to him that they probably wanted to make sure he wasn't going to barf (oh yeah, the nurse said something about that earlier) and probably wanted him to get some sugar going in his blood so he didn't pass out and he said, "Well, why is it that I can have this before the procedure? They wouldn't let me have a drink from the fountain as I walked in, why is it ok now?"

I looked at him with a puzzled look and said, "The procedure is over. Now they want you to go home."

His look of utter disbelief started me laughing again. "You're kidding me, right?"


"You are kidding. I haven't had the procedure yet."

"Um, yes you have. I talked to your doctor, saw pictures of your guts, you've had the procedure."

"When did you talk to my doctor? You have got to be kidding."

Of course, I'm used to Friend Husband being right in most things (it's sometimes an annoying trait but then it can be useful as well) so I started doubting that he'd had the endoscopy. Then I did the logical progression thing and said, "No. I am not kidding. You are finished. They'll probably let you go here in a little while."

This just floored him. He spent a lot of time rehearsing what had happened but he clearly didn't remember anything after their telling him to lie on his side in the OR. He spent a lot of time rehearsing this. The main effect that whatever drugs they gave him was that he had no short term memory. I told him many things over and over again last Thursday. I should ask him now what he remembers. It was amusing but exhausting. After all, I already have David, and to a lesser extent, Keziah to rehearse daily happenings ad infinitum. This is not a new thing around here.

So, he's fine, just a little acid reflux, which his current meds seem to help. I hope that his esophagus heals up and he's just as good as new.

What else is going on? I got caught up on my grade-entering on last Saturday. It took FORever. I won't even fess up to how far behind I was. It makes me feel like even more of a slacker. My plan is to keep up now, which shouldn't be too hard in the month and a half we have until camp.

I also finally got to start planting my garden. It's been so wet here so far this spring that it's been impossible to work the ground. So everything is going in about a month late. Story of my life. I just got the sugar snap peas in the ground before I had to stop. I'm hoping to get some lettuce and snow peas in the ground today.

I guess that's it for now (and since the twins are rampaging upstairs, I'd better split). Have a good day, everyone!


acceptancewithjoy said...

When I was still in nursing, my coworker came back from a procedure. She was teary and acting weird. She swore up and down the doctor had refused to tell her what he found. She suspected cancer. Then the phone rang. Is COL J there? Why yes she is. Well, bring her back down. She is supposed to be recovering.

Apparently, the nurse had taken her vital signs and left the room to check on another patient. COL J had gotten out of her hospital gown, dressed in her BDU's and left before her next set of vital signs were due. She still had her IV in. The doctor had told her only that he would discuss the findings when she was more awake.

If I remember right she had colitis. The doctor offered to take out part of her colon but she decided she would train for a marathon instead. No wonder we got along so well ~

I hope you are feeling better soon. I am glad you checked in. See, with bloglines, I will pop over whenever you choose to update.

Leigh said...

I laughed while reading this one because it reminded me of the time my husband came out of surgery. I can't even begin to count how many times he asked me if he was going in for surgery HOURS after having finished the surgery.

As for striking up conversations with strangers, guilty here as well. My husband thinks that makes me an extrovert, but I am a true introvert all the way. It just seems not right to sit next to someone and not talk to them. I just have this thing about finding out about others and what makes them tick.

Are we closet extroverts????

msta62 said...

Surely you can't say you are a bad blogger - just overworked and tired!! Look at your latest blog; I have NEVER written as lengthy and so inspired as you do... Hugs from afar xoxoxo

P.s I am glad the "procedure" went so well!