Monday, April 14, 2008

The Quick Update

It's been a hectic week. I finally did get past the incessant coughing part of my cold and now merely cough enough to wake myself up in the morning. Do-able.

Last week at this time, David and I were on our way to the Children's Hospital ER. He had climbed up on the counter and gotten into my prescription meds. Not good. When I couldn't find 2 of them, I called Poison Control (who I should have on speed dial by now). They were not thrilled. I was told to take him downtown to the hospital so that they could "keep him overnight in case he starts to have seizures". Oh yes, very lovely. One IV, EKG, heart monitor, and a cranky interview with a med student later (I'll have to share that was not one of my finer moments), he got out. That would be Tuesday morning. Or afternoon. Or something.

Last Tuesday morning I had a doctor's appointment. She asked me a few questions then looked at the vitals that they always take at the beginning of the visit. "Any reason why your blood pressure should be elevated?" she asked. I told her the short version of the David saga of the day before. She said, "Yep, that'll do it."

Wednesday was the dress rehearsal for Seussical, Jr. I had to finish the 29 costumes for the Whos as well as the costumes for the girls. I finished all but a hat for Rachel's Vlad Vladikoff character. Then it was mentioned that extra hands would be welcome at the enrichment classes so the twins and I stayed allllll afternoon there, lending our lovely helping hands. I had two interesting conversations with teachers there who made comments about the "legalistic" religious background of their family or the family of their significant other. Kinda hard to know what to say about that and what they think of our family and our decisions.

Anyway, Sarah had asked me to take pictures at the dress rehearsal and I'm so glad she did. I took about 150 pictures that afternoon and got hardly any at the performance Friday night. It was fun but man alive, were there many mistakes made. I always get that seized up feeling at dress rehearsals because they never seen to go well. Of course, someone told me that if the dress rehearsal goes poorly, the performance will go well. You never know, though.

Thursday...what happened Thursday? Oh, yeah, Friend Husband was supposed to get a scope down the throat to check on what's going on with his esophagus. I had asked him to move it because the children were getting my cold and I didn't want to saddle dear Friend Gina with snoofly twins. We valiantly tried to catch up on schoolwork.

Friday was Performance Day. From long experience, I didn't even try to do any schoolwork. We went to the store to get some makeup for the evening (the children are advised to wear stage makeup so that their little faces can actually be seen). I found some cheap eyeliner and bronzer, which made me a happy little camper. Also, Sarah seemed to tolerate my application of the eyeliner better than my application of the eyeliner pencil, so that was a relief.

About two hours before the girls were to be at the venue for a final run-through, Zi came down with erp all over her dress. I rolled my eyes, got her upstairs and cleaned up, and called Friend Husband to report the event. Since she was running around, eating fine, and not feverish, he was inclined to just take her and hope for the best. Which was what we did. She ended up being fine.

Ah, and the performance! The children did a marvelous job! When I first heard that they were doing this play I thought, "Oh great, this is going to be the one that tanks." I'd never heard of it before. It was a very high-energy story with a large ensemble, which is tailor-made for our group. Sarah garnered many compliments for her portrayal of the Cat in the Hat and Gracie (not my daughter, but a girl they've been in the program with) stole the show with her Mayzie, as we predicted she would. It was big fun.

And Saturday felt wide open after all the running around and commitments that we had in the previous days. It wasn't, but the work was different so that was nice.

We had some delightful visitors at services on Sunday morning (Jack & Norita Cutter and I think their son and daughter-in-law).

And here it is, Monday again. Sarah went off to work with Friend Husband to have a confab with a writer person he knows at school. We missed her. We didn't get a lot done today. So I'm running around, trying to do my Suzy Homemaker routine (don't ya know I'm not June Cleaver, by a long shot) and get supper ready.

I've missed everybody but haven't felt inspired to do anything but goof off when the day's work was done. I thought about just closing the blogs down entirely but figured I'd regret it in the end. It's a weird time of change for me right now and I feel very unsettled, trying to figure everything out. So please continue to bear with my weirdness. I hope it'll all work out in the end.


acceptancewithjoy said...

That David. I am glad that he was able to go home. Med students and new interns are a huge pain.

Did the conversation on legalism occur at a homeschool coop? I was confused. I have decided I hate the term; it is overused and misused. If I was feeling snarky, I may have been tempted to ask these ladies to define it. But, usually I just silently nod and think, "My what an interesting woman," and "Keep your mouth shut Julie, it isn't worth it."

I am so glad your performance went well.

About blogging... I have blogged about things that probably only are of interest to me lately and are controversial to others. I was thinking perhaps it is time to keep my opinions to myself ~ but, then I thought I might regret that too. It is not that I am ashamed of my opinion, I just have gotten a couple of nasty comments from people with rather strong personalities and I really don't feel like dealing with all of that anymore.

msta62 said...

Oh noo! Plz cousin L - this is such a fun/nice way getting to know you and your family! Promise you will write all this to me in person instead, if you decide to quit lorislightext... !!!! So you'd end up having to write it anyway - sooo you'd better keep up the good work here on the blog :-) rambling again! Have a happy day cuz & family!