Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm never taking that boy anywhere, part 2


Well, in my defense, I did say that I wasn't going to take that boy shopping again. Now I'm upping the ante, at least until he is off his steroids.

Here's the story: David had an appointment at the Nephrology Clinic this morning, but early. That would be 8:20, for those who demand completeness in their narratives. Cincinnati traffic that time of day is not at all pretty, but we (that would be all five children) and I got there on time, met with the nephrologist, etc.

Oh yeah, this is funny. So, usually it's just David & me or both twins & me at the clinic visits. I know I've mentioned the rest of the children at one point or another but clearly the doctor was not expecting to see us en masse today. Heh. Sarah stayed out in the waiting area but Rachel, Abby, & Keziah opted to go back with David and me into the room. When Dr. G. walked in, he looked around and said, "Wow! Got the whole group with you today!" to which I replied, "Well, 80% in here anyway."

I love that.

He gave me a strange look and then we talked about David's issues with the nephrotic syndrome and the steroids he's currently on. Once he's weaned from the steroid this time, he will switch to a second-line medication which will (I hope) put him into remission for longer than say 2 days. David started doing his hyper activities that he does when he's hopped up on dope, I mean steroids. As we were finishing up with the doctor, he did one of the things we like least, namely slinging his head from side to side while simultaneously jumping up and down (and moving forward with his jumping) and emitting a shrill yet loud sound. Dr. G. looked at him and said, "I'm glad we're stepping down his steroid dose." "Not nearly as glad as I am," was my reply.

Then we were off.

The reason why I hauled all the children downtown this morning was that I wanted them to go to the Art Museum. They're having an exhibit of famous (in the quilting world, anyway) old quilts from the collection of the Shelburne Museum. Naturally, I would have preferred to stroll through the hallowed halls of the museum sans children but moments like that in my world are few and far between. At least when I can actually get downtown without children. So I decided to risk it.

Yes, I know. You'd think I'd have learned by now. Apparently I'm stupid like that.

The thing about quilts, especially antique quilts, is that you can't touch them. You can't even make like you're going to touch them or the elderly security guards swoop down on you like a duck on a June bug and let you have it. It's like being in trouble with your grandmother.

Naturally, being a 3-year-old boy hyped up on steroids, did not heed my increasingly strident warnings about not getting near the quilts. So I picked him up and carried him around as much as I possibly could.

Ever tried carrying a 40+ pound squirmy (and did I mention "hyper"?) boy around? It's not much fun for the carrier or the carry-ee. Occasionally I could interest him in the quilts by pointing something out. "Look Dave! What does that look like? That's right! It's grapes!" After a while though, that just wasn't happening.

Meanwhile, the Sisters were all looking around and seemed to be enjoying the exhibit. (It really is a cool exhibit...antique quilts from the early 1800's, less antique ones, and some modern art quilts by a former Cincinnatian, Terrie Mangat.) I really wanted to go and contemplate the beauty of the Amish quilts they had on exhibit but by that point, David was much too wild. I knew it wouldn't be long before my restraint of him would fail and I didn't want him to be equipped with that knowledge for the future. After perusing the gift shop (which was watched over by an exceptionally lovely person who didn't mind our invasion of her quiet sanctuary), I started to make my way down to the exit. I told the Big Girls that they could just hang out and look at whatever they wanted to look at but I was taking the twins outside. Eventually, they decided to just leave with us and we were off.

Yes, this doesn't sound like a major thing but I'm just giving you the barest of facts. Imagine the squirming and loud boy, the proximity of the fragile quilts, the hush of the galleries, the intense interest by people not of our family. I don't get flop sweat nearly as often as I did when the twins were small, but I did today. I will be so glad when David is steroid-free and we can see what sort of a boy he really is.

Maybe then I'll take him somewhere with me again.

Oh! I almost forgot the pictures!

First, the obligatory homeschool field trip picture in front of the museum.

Second, a picture of Abby kissing one of the massive pillars out front. Yes, she specifically requested this photo and no, I don't even pretend to know why.

Third...ok, this one has a story. As I was attempting to figure out how to get onto a road that would eventually lead us home, we drove past this very cool tree at the edge of some random parking lot. I pulled into the parking lot to turn around (I'd finally figured that I was going the wrong way). I contemplated the tree. Surely it would not be a good idea to make everyone get out so I could get a picture of them in the arms of this awesome tree? Oh well, as I've said before, I'm stupid like that so I made the "abandon ship" announcement and got them over by the tree to take pictures. The second one was the last one, when I told them to "be goofy". Of course, at that they excel.

Happy Friday everyone!


cindy said...


I know about those security guards! *I* almost got us kicked out because I was trying to show the girls some detail in a painting and how close up it looks like one thing, and far away like another. The old codger, er I mean security guard, told me not to touch the paintings. So I said, ok, I'm not. Then a few minutes later he came over and told me, in no uncertain terms, that I was NOT to get close to them. Well, if you had told me that in the first place...I was NOT touching it, just trying to do an art lesson!!!

Only a homeschool MOM would get kicked out of the museum! I won't even try the quilt exhibit. Zoie would probably try to swing from them :)

Gina said...

One of my goals for next school year is more field trips. Daughter is nearly 3rd grade and she's never been on one. I know, I know. I win the bad homeschool Mom award.

Being the social butterfly she's going to have a rough adjustment next year with only one day of LOL classes.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

HAHAHAHAAAA I love kid drugs and kids on drugs :-0
I had one on asthma meds with a nebulizer; now I have two. Oh the joy. They don't sleep... they run... and run...and run...

Boys and quilts; you are one brave woman!

Debbie said...

Oh.......steroids...........they make you have to pee......Now I get it. Poor David. I will pray for him.
And you.


That lady with 6 daughters said...

You have a beautiful family. You're very blessed. we have an energetic one. I wear her out by having her run relay from one side of the lawn to the other. It isn't steroid induced, but it keeps her focused. I use the kitchen timer to help her channel the energy into a goal- of beating her latest record. I hope that helps.

acceptancewithjoy said...

[Ever tried carrying a 40+ pound squirmy (and did I mention "hyper"?) boy around?] Yes! And I started at that weight... I didn't get to carry around a little boy, build up my muscles as he grew and then do it. My arms are downright tired.