Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm baaaaack!

Hey there, hi there, ho there! We survived camp and also had a lovely visit with the Cherylyn_P family beforehand. Even the trip back wasn't as bad as I feared (although I did sleep a lot of the way and Friend Husband totally lost Tulsa, but that's beside the point). So now I'm sorting through pictures. First up, the pictures from Abby & Bethany's birthday party. Then I've got to take the twins outside and pull weeds. Yay. At least most of the plants survived our absence.

Oh, and I forgot one thing...this picture is for Debbie. Debbie, you should tell Jonathan not to mess with older sisters who are cunning and reactive.

Here's the back story: Jonathan (Debbie & Doug's son) wandered into the breakfast line Friday morning looking like death warmed over. I had been taking pictures of him surreptitiously all week, trying to get some good ones to send to Friend Debbie. I told him to hold it right there so I could take a photo of him to send to his mama and he struck this pose. I took the snap, told him I would get it right to his mom and he made some comment about how he'd probably make it there first, because he was due to go over there on Tuesday. I told him I could have it e-mailed on Sunday and he countered that e-mail was slow in Africa. I thought about that, then said, "Ok, I'll put it on my Xanga and she can see it when she logs on." He didn't seem all that thrilled about that but maybe he was just throwing me a bone. Anyway, Debbie, here's a pic of your "little boy" to look at until he comes to see you for real.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I understand you had some bad weather at the beginning of your trip. I am glad it seemed to have cleared up and you were able to have a good time.

Great photos!

msta62 said...

Good to see you are back safe & sound. Can't wait to hear more about the "dreaded" Camp! :-)