Saturday, July 05, 2008


Yay, we got up early this morning to go to our local U-Pick blueberry farm.  We were some of a big mass of people who take their blueberries seriously.

Some people even bring belts on which to secure their blueberry buckets.  I always forget that, but I did remember to bring snacks this time, which made my family much happier than if I'd remembered a belt.

This was the twins' first picking.

Keziah did very well.  David was not so enamored of the process, as you can see from the following picture.

Rachel and Sarah picked steadily and we came home with a lot of blueberries.

All told, we picked about 21.7 pounds in an hour and a half.  Yay!  And they were so very yummy.  And Abby thinks she needs to get on so I will close this abruptly.  Goodbye!

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Anonymous said...

When we lived in UP Michigan there were wild blueberries everywhere. I still have nightmares of my father meeting me at the door with an old, large cool whip container and telling me I couldn't come home until it was filled. Oh, I appreciated the blueberry muffins and the fresh blueberry jam; I just didn't like the work. It would have been much better to go to a you pick farm where you knew where to find the berries ~