Tuesday, August 05, 2008

August 5th and more questions

Yes, I'm going to play the innane, "What were you doing this day x number of years ago" game again. I'm stuck in a rut, I'm sure.

What were you doing on this date in 1978? I'm not exactly sure what I was doing aside from sweating out the end of summer vacation in Austin, Texas. Friend Barb and her husband Mark, however, were taking their marriage vows. Happy anniversary from the other side of the 'Nati!

What were you doing on this day in 1992? I was getting my ears pierced with my late, great MIL and taking the pregnancy test that would reveal that Sarah was on her way.

What were you doing this day in 1994? I have no idea what I was doing, aside from being very sick and pregnant with Rachel. Friend Sherri, however, was giving birth to her youngest child, sweet Tabitha. Happy birthday, Beetha!

What were you doing on this day in 2002? Sweet Luci's mom was giving birth to her. You can go wish her happy birthday at her mom's blog.

What were you doing on this day in 2005? Friend Husband and I spent the entire day packing and waiting to get on the plane that would take us back home after a whirlwind five days in Ethiopia. We were both exhausted and I was already feeling overwhelmed, and very anxious to get back home.

And finally (and not at all in order), what were you doing on this day in 1989? At about this time, I was driving to the far north of Austin (from the southern suburbs) to have my hairdresser make my hair an impenetrable helmet for my wedding day. I would drive back to my parents' house, take a tepid bath after everyone else in the house (including my two aunts, two uncles, eight cousins, sister, and parents) had bathed, then get ready for the 7:30 ceremony. Somehow we got through it all and here we are, 19 years later.

I am so thankful that God brought us together and kept us together when both of us would probably have given up. Through the smiles and through the tears, we've hung together. I can honestly say that I'm more in love with Friend Husband than I was on our wedding day. He's an awesome guy and I'm blessed that he chose me all those years ago.

Happy anniversary, Doug! And I hope and pray that we have many many more happy years working together!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. I was wondering how you remembered all those events from years ago... right up until I got to the very end of the entry.

Me? I don't recall what I did yesterday!