Monday, August 25, 2008

Back to School and other Stuff

This will be brief as we're in the midst of our first day of school. You can tell how thrilled I was to get started.

I assure you that everyone else was every bit as thrilled as I was, but they are way into hamming it up so it's harder to tell.

Sarah, already cranking away on her Spanish.

Rachel, the only scholar who decided to get dressed for the first day of school.

Abby taking advantage of her status as homeschooling student to wear her p.j.'s to school.

I wonder sometimes where they get their hamminess. Surely not from their mother!

Edited to add photos of the twins' activities on this first day of school:

Now you know why I look that way in the first picture.

So, a few of you asked about the deck. I still don't have a picture of the full thing, painted. Don't know why, just haven't done it. I do have pictures of most of us while we were painting and you can see the paint color there. Especially in this one of Friend Husband which nicely shows the juxtaposition between the old and the new.

Here are a few others of the hard workers:

Sarah helped a lot but somehow I didn't get photos of her.

And, as Miss Lori has mentioned already, we got to spend a couple of hours together on Saturday, watching her son's team pull from behind to win their football game. Very exciting! Unfortunately, it was also quite hot. I took the twins and they were freaked out by 1) sweat and 2) the yelling that all the adults around them were doing when something happened on the field. Here's a picture of Lori, getting the sunburn she alluded to on her blog.

At one point, Keziah pointed to her forehead, which was dripping with sweat, and said, "Mom, what's this?" We've been having an amazing number of bug bites lately and I thought she had a new one. I looked, didn't see anything, and realized what she was talking about. "Um, that's sweat, Keziah." "Sweat?!" Like she'd never heard of it before or anything!

Here's Dave, sucking down a generally verboten can of soda. The concession stand ran out of water and PowerAde, so soda it was. I figured Pepsi was the lesser of the two evils (the other being Mountain Dew).

Anyway, it was nice to see Lori and her family again. The last game we went to over at Landmark, it was so cold that Lori was wrapped in multiple layers. Funny how you remember things like that.

I guess that was all I was going to blabber about today. I hope y'all're having an excellent week. Back to work for this homeschooling mama!


Gina said...

I couldn't picture the deck green but now that I see it...great color choice!

Leigh said...

Your photos look nothing like mine - no one in your photos is sporting tears. The only one not crying was my oldest since we just started Tapestry of Grace. He sees all the charts, readings, maps, projects, and schedule mania and smiles while his mother feels like crawling into bed and crying (may have even done that but I'm not admitting anything.) Can't wait for day 2! :)

msta62 said...

Hey, you have a lovely size deck too! I so love ours! The best part of the house I think. I feel exactly like you did on your first day of homeschooling today! Work...Oh noooo... I know I will be better at keeping in touch now though ;-) Have a good Monday!

msta62 said...

And y'all have a pool! Envy!

acceptancewithjoy said...

David and Beverly are a pain during school too. I have put my foot down on pajamas at school. Marissa thinks if she is in her PJs she should be sleeping.