Thursday, September 04, 2008

Photo randomness and text to explain my absence

Friend Husband is requesting my presence for the grand and massive cleaning upstairs so this will be quite terse.

It's been a beyond-busy week. Of course, the first week of school usually is, but we also had other stuff to take care of (dentist visit, vet visit, etc.) And it was a hair-do week (we only do Zi's hair about every other week) so it was a busy one. Here we go:

The twins apparently have very bad teeth. Or bad enamel, or something. They've had 6 cavities between them in the last 6 months. This was the first time that David had a cavity and he did not deal well with the situation of filling said cavity. Of course, I'm sure it didn't help that they found 2 more while he was in the chair to have one filled. He was not at all affected by the laughing gas they gave him.

Zi didn't need laughing gas but they gave it to her anyway because they didn't believe that anyone related to David could be as calm and helpful in the chair as she was.

One day I taught David how to bring back our massive trash can after the trash guys have emptied it. He thought it was great fun. I doubt he will in a few years.

That was the day that we redid Zi’s hair. It exhausted us so much that we fell asleep on the couch afterward. Some enterprising sister captured the moment for posterity.

We also had to take the cat & dog to the vet. Together. For the first time. Added to the beauty of that experience was the fact that Aragorn’s cat carrying case was decimated by unknown culprits a few months ago. I reallllly didn’t want to shell out for a new case so I improvised.

Ari was not so impressed but the twins really thought it was a good time.

Please note that I did not in any way encourage this behavior. It is, however, difficult to convince the twins that crawling into a cage is not cool.

Yesterday was a wonderful day in our world. Rachel made the decision to be baptized. We were all over the moon, of course. I tried to get a picture but the camera did not cooperate.

The camera did, however, want to make a photo of Keziah in her brand-new get-up (the glasses and purse, not the dress) talking to sweet Friend Adalyn after the services and the baptism.

And that brings us to today, Labor Day. A day when most people sleep in, take the day easy, and mourn the end of summer. Instead, I got up every hour or so in the night (Keziah wasn’t feeling well, someone called at 3:30 AM, then hung up before we got the phone) and then finally got up somewhere between 5:30 and 6 to go downtown to pick up veggies for the co-op. Friend Husband accompanied me and had a swell time. This was the result.

And speaking of Friend Husband, tomorrow is his birthday (happy birthday, Honey!) and we’re celebrating this afternoon. If we can get the house cleaned, flea-bombed, get to the grocery to get stuff for his chosen meal (Indian food and chocolate lasagna cake), and get home to make it. And that is why I must bid you a fond and hasty adieu. Have a fun day, everyone!


Ok, so that was Monday. Now it is Thursday and I may actually get this thing online. It’s been quite the action-packed week. We did, in fact, celebrate Friend Husband’s birthday on Monday, all but the gifts, which he opened on his actual birthday, Tuesday. Then yesterday was the first day of our enrichment classes. We were there from 9:45 to about 3:30. The twins and I were wrecked by the end of the day. David and I came home and took a nap. I help out with child wrangling (ah, my talents are finally coming into use!) and then with a Five in a Row class that the twins are taking. They are so very thrilled to finally “be in class”. The teacher is a friend of mine, also a homeschooling mom who’s adopted internationally.

When I take group pictures, a lot of times I’ll end by telling them to “act goofy”. These are usually my favorites.

And to end the randomness and get back to my life, here is a partial picture of our beautiful newly sealed driveway. We get to park on it, walk on it, and play on it this afternoon. Friend Husband and I are both relieved to have that and the deck resealing behind us. Yay!

Have a lovely day/week/month, however long it takes me to get back on here!


Kelly said...

Look at all the yummy fruits and veggies!! It sounds like y'all got a lot done!! I am envious!!!

msta62 said...

Please send me the chocolate lasagna cake receipt!! I have never heard of it - but I love love both lasagna and chocolate AND cake in general! Hope your days will be less busy!! I stagger just reading about it! :-D

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful photo journal. When I lived in Texas, my roommate had a daughter that was just about 4. One day I caught her in my dog's kennel. She had snuck into the freezer, gotten a container of Ben and Jerry's and a spoon, and was hiding out while polishing off the rest of the ice cream. I figured if I didn't lock the door, it wasn't abuse. Sneaking ice cream is pretty hard work. After committing the crime, she napped... yes in the kennel.