Saturday, February 14, 2009


I have been in quite the foul mood of late and I can't seem to shake it.  So I haven't been blogging on purpose.  I will try to rein it in for today, though.  I will say this:  the Bible is right (of course) when it says not to let the sun set on your anger.  I went to bed last night furious with certain of my children who shall go nameless (except to say, "No, Sarah, it's not you.")  I woke up angry as well.  I spent the morning furious.  It hasn't been a good day.

Then my good man came downstairs with homemade waffles and some Starbucks chocolate covered cranberries & espresso beans.  Yes, I had the grace to be ashamed of my mood, even if it wasn't him I was mad at.  How do y'all deal with things (in a constructive manner) when you're so mad you could spit?

So, because I express my love through food, I'm making a big dinner.  I thawed the second of our cheapie Thanksgiving Day turkey bargains and encased it with sticky chicken spices.  It certainly made me a more humble woman this morning.  I had cut the skin away from the breast and dumped a quantity of the spice in the space between, as that is the way that Friend Husband likes me to make it.  So this 20 pound turkey looked like it had inappropriate breast bumps.  I spent about 10 minutes massaging the turkey's breast and thinking about what a dork that made me.  It made me smile anyway.

I think I shall make gravy from the spicy drippings, serve rice, and probably a green salad.  Don't know about dessert.  I wanted to make chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies but I am supposed to be (and need to be) grading papers today.  We'll see.

And I'm slapping a smile on my face, whether it wants to be there or not.  Grr....

Here are some random photos I've taken recently.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Friend Gina gave me this knitted patterned coffee mug the last time I saw her...isn't that sweet?

Explanation:  Wednesday we finally had our extension classes, after two weeks of being snowed in.  I took some of the children out to romp after their classes because they were rather wild.  Sad to say, I didn't realize how very muddy it was and we all ended up with filthy shoes.  Which we had to clean up before we could go back into the building.  But we enjoyed the weather all the same.  We like our warm days in February!

This is David and his friend Asher, who is also from Ethiopia.  (Or Eefiopeewa, as David says it.)

This is Kato, David, and Asher.  Of course, they aren't playing with the toys.  They're playing with the thing you stack the balls on.

Anyone want to venture a guess about this picture?


stringsofpurls said...

Your dinner sounds wonderful, I covet your knitted mug and I will pray for you. When I am mad at a kid, I pray for them, try to remember that they ultimately are God's responsibility and then eat something. I probably should skip the eat something. Happy Valentines Day. Maybe someday we should meet for coffee?

Anonymous said...

I would guess David was the one you were mad at...

My David, so far, cannot hold a candle to "18 can't come soon enough," but we are treading water.

When I am mad my house is spotless.

Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I... OF COURSE... have NEVER ...EVER had a pantless child in a carseat... EVER.


Sorry you are grumpy. Just remember, spring is coming and the sun will return. In the meantime, eat chocolate, drink tea and take a Vit D supplement (OR... let's head to the Bahamas with no kids??)

Kelly's Rants and Raves said...

Well, when my boys are like that it is usually due to not making it to the bathroom on time.

Mercy said...

Wow! Your kids have grown so much since the last time that I visited your blog. I have been so bad about visiting my bloggy friends lately.