Thursday, August 06, 2009

So. Very. Tired.

I don't know how coherent this will be because I'm feeling pretty out of it right now. Believe it or not, I've been working most of the day on some scrapbooks that I want to get finished by Saturday. I may actually finish them, I don't know. But I've been giving them the old college try.

The scrapbooks are birthday gifts for the ladies who I have tea parties with. I thought it would be neat for us all to have a scrapbook of at least the last tea party we had. I had delusions that I would try to scrap all of our tea parties but I don't think I can. Imagine if you will, making five scrapbooks at the same time. I try to keep the same layout for the same group of pictures but vary the paper and the embellishments so they aren't carbon copies of one another. Plus it keeps it somewhat interesting so that I don't pull my hair out in big messy clumps. It's fun but it's also work, at this point.

So, we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary on Wednesday. We went out to breakfast after taking Sarah to driving school. It was very low-keyed and very nice. Later on that evening, Friend Husband presented me with a lovely emerald pendant that he has saved "for a special occasion" since he went to India 4½ years ago. I was surprised and delighted...I do love things green! But it was nice just to be able to look at him and realize that, through all the issues of the past 20 years, we made it! Yay us!

It's kind of hard to think about our lives together and not get long-winded or overly sentimental or overly critical. We've had some very difficult things to work through and we've had some glorious times. Mainly, though, what I love about him is that he is the kindest, gentlest man that I've ever met. That is what made me decide he'd be a good risk when he asked me to marry him. In addition, Friend Husband is a man with a great deal of integrity. I know that he makes me a better person because of who he is. And hey, the guy has put up with me for 20 years...either he loves me or has the patience of a saint (or both). Either way, I'm glad he's mine.

And I'm babbling, so I'll close. Happy Friday everyone!

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Gina said...

What a guy! Where had he stashed the pendant all this time that #1 he remembered it and #2 you didn't find it?