Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Too much excitement

I think we've been having a bit more excitement around here than we really require at this time, thank you. It started out on Friday when Friend Husband took a spill off David's scooter. Far away on the other side of the subdivision. I'm thankful that the children were with him because, when I didn't answer the phone(s), four of them came running back to get me (Sarah stayed with Friend Husband to prop him up so he didn't get run over in the street, where he fell). I went over to get him and he was moving at a glacial pace. And in pain, greatly. No one was pleased. He passed a not-very-easy night, being unable to move very much.

I passed a not-very-easy night because I was developing a stomach virus. Ugh. Of all the ills visited upon the earth (well, the minor ones, anyway), that is the one I dread the most. It did not come into its full-blown (ha ha, pun) existence until Sunday, so I was able to at least grab a few minutes at the grocery store. But Sunday I was miserable. And unable to help Friend Husband twin wrangle. Happily, he did have the three older girls to help with that situation while he was cripping around on crutches (and unable to drive).

Unhappily, David got the crud on Sunday night-Monday morning and woke me up with his heaving and screaming. And his scary breathing. I ended up calling the pediatrician and waking her up. She said that he needed to go to the ER at Children's Hospital right then, from the way he sounded on the phone. And so we went.

Mind you, it's about 3 AM by this point. I was still a little shaky with the stomach yuckies anyway, but Doug couldn't carry him into the ER and he needed to be carried or wheeled one. So I took him in, where they administered 3 nebulizer treatments to him, one right after the other. And gave him an oral steroid. The treatments helped, but not enough to keep him from being admitted to the hospital at about 7:30. By this time, I was pretty catatonic. Friend Husband volunteered to come in and did, around noon. I went home and slept the sleep of the dead for a couple of hours. I still feel lousy today, but I will survive. David got to come home late last night. He still sounds croupy but he's the same old David. Friend Husband's hip is doing better but he is going to the doctor in a minute to make sure that all is well.

All in all, this was not the way I thought we'd end up spending the long weekend. Hope yours was better!

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