Monday, April 04, 2011

Happy birthdays and other stuff

Ok, wow. It's been such a long time that I had to change my Xanga password in order to log on here. Sorry...I have to say though, that I prefer Facebook for a lot of my online interactions. Happily some of my Xanga friends are my friends there too, so I get to keep up. But occasionally I think I should blog. Why? I don't know. Just because. This is apparently one of those times.

I must say I don't much like this font. Ick.

Well, the birthday season has begun here. And this year is bringing us some pretty big birthdays. Six days ago, Rachel turned 16. And tomorrow, my very first baby turns 18.

That seems weird. I mean, I know she's growing up and all but to be a legal adult? How in the world is that possible? I don't even feel like an adult many times and here she is an adult and Rachel following close on her heels.

She is not at all happy about this milestone. In fact, she will cry if she thinks about it. She doesn't want to lose the essence of herself, I think, and she feels that growing "mature" will do that for her. I have tried to reassure her but to no avail. It must be one of those things that she just has to learn on her own.

So Rachel had her Sweet Sixteen party, Saturday a week ago. I will admit that I thought she carried it a bit overboard, but seeing as we are vastly different people, I guess that's not surprising. She had a group of kids out to bowl, then back to the house for pizza, cake, & playing. I mean, this group of teenagers colored with chalk on the driveway, climbed trees, played the piano, decorated cupcakes, and generally hung out. It was interesting. I really like these children/teenager people. I see most of them every week at our co-op and it is a pleasure for me to just sit and watch them. I never thought I'd be the person who sits and watches groups of people and just glows from the emotions they conjure, but I am.

The twins started soccer last month. Saturday was their first game. It. Was. Cold. I dragged all of the children out to watch their games (Doug was driving back from Florida and missed them.) They did ok, but neither of them is even remotely proficient. Still, they're getting exercise and enjoying themselves. And I'm getting exercise and enjoying myself, trying to get them caught up with a few skills. David's asthma really bothers him and he has no stamina whatsoever. I'm hoping that he will at least have more by the end of the season.

Abby is overwhelmed by hormones, I think. That is the only thing I can think of which would explain her moodiness and mood swings. Except for the obvious negative personality thing on which to blame it, and I'd rather not. So there she is.

And me? I'm still reading, still teaching, still trying to keep up with all my commitments. My therapy is going well. I can tell that it has helped me to attempt to not fall into the bottomless pit of despair that I have in the past. It's nice to have coping mechanisms which work.

Enough about all that, how about some photos?

Or maybe not, since I apparently don't know how to get photos transfered over here without Premium. Oh well, maybe next time. Be well!

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Candy said...

Did I ever mention I think you're fantastic? Well you are.