Thursday, July 07, 2011


It's been such a busy day! I ended up sitting with Rachel's elderly lady from 12-5 today & had to get my own chores done here first. Just got home and need to leave again to go to book club. That caffeine is going to go over very well tonight.

So I think I've mentioned that this lady (Audra) has some dementia. And she gets very irritated when she can't tell me what she wants to tell me. Today I was aggravating her by trying to get her to get up and interact with me. Whenever she'd wake up, I'd pounce on her (figuratively, of course) and talk to her or try to get her to look at a magazine. One time I was doing that and she was closing her eyes and pushing me away. I kept doing it. She finally opened her eyes, looked at me, and told me what she always tells us when we're leaving: "See you later, alligator!" She then closed her eyes and went back to sleep, leaving me laughing out loud. Well done, Audra, well done.

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