Saturday, April 06, 2013

Serious Craziness

Another show is rolling around this week. It's been a hard year. We have a new director and the learning curve has been huge for her. This is only my second year helping so I'm still doing the learning thing as well. Plus the disappointment about Rachel's role has tinged the whole thing with some bitterness for me.

But here it is, and I'm glad it is. I don't know if I could stand much more drama and work. Every year I think I'll get stuff done ahead of time and every year I get it done at the last minute. Well, not the exact last minute this year, but late enough that I'm waking up at 3 every morning in a cold sweat worry about it.

Other things to think about...the anniversary of my mother's death rolled around at the beginning of March. This got me to thinking about her obituary, among other things. And what an idiotic one it was because the man my mother was married to for 25 years asked his daughter (my half-sister) to write it. It was written in an interesting manner, but it bore little truth. Of course, it is not really polite to tell the whole truth sometimes (especially in an obituary, especially in the South) but this was a bit past sugar-coated.

Anyway, I got to thinking about how I would rewrite (or how I would have written) the obit and then started thinking about my own obituary. What could be said about me, to make my life interesting, meaningful, missed? Yes, I do have these moments. No, they aren't always healthy, but there they are.

What would you say in your obituary?


Susan Taylor said...

Lori, thanks for the comment on my blog! That is one of the most fun parts this week, getting to know new people and new blogs, and having them COMMENT!

Well, even if I can't subscribe, I love your blog. If you put a link on Facebook, I will be able to see each time you post. That would be nice so I could follow your blog.

I hope that my obituary speaks of the people who felt cared for and loved by me and that there are a whole bunch of them!

WallyTooger said...

I think if I wrote my own obituary it would say something like " She was afraid of basically everything, but now she doesn't have to be." Or something ridiculously stupid to put in an obituary, so I hope a smart person writes it. Haha. Anyway I like your blog <3 You're a good writer.

Lori's Light Extemporanea said...

Thank you for your comment, WallyTooger! And, Susan, as always!