Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blah blah blog

Shoot. I was all cheesed to update the old blog. Have been all week. But it's really difficult in my house to get on the computer without just throwing someone off by brute force. It's just not worth all that to me, ya know?

Then I came to the library today, as I do every Saturday, just about, to shelve books and be a good little Lori in the world. And things are blazing through my mind. Oh, I'll write about that and that and that. Only problem is, now that I'm actually sitting in front of a computer, I can't remember any of them. Face palm.

A few updates:

Abby and I did our NaNo novels last month and we both finished! That was my 7th time doing NaNo, and Abby's first. I wasn't all that surprised that she finished. She writes a novel quarterly on her ownsome. But there it was.

Thanksgiving was...ok but different. Actually, it was very nice but we didn't get to celebrate it with family. I miss them so much! Wasn't to be, though. A lovely couple we know here who are experiencing an empty nest invited the riotous wild bunch (and its parents) over for dinner. We were supposed to be bringing an international student from Saudi Arabia, but he canceled on us at the very last moment. '

Priscilla (the female part of the couple) doesn't care for turkey either, so she made an amazing pork roast and I brought sticky chicken. The sides were copious and yummy. The pies, likewise. AND I didn't have leftover turkey for weeks afterwards. Huzzah!

It is now Winter Break. Huzzah again! I have been longing for a break for some time and now it's here. I am starting out by accompanying Friend Husband down to NKY so he can attend NKU's commencement. After he does that, we'll go to the Psychology Department Holiday Party. I hope I'll be in a better mood, cuz I'm sure not there now.

Speaking of going to NKY, I've gotta blaze & go pick up Friend Husband. If past occurrences are any indication, it'll be months before I update again. Y'all have a happy holiday season and you have my warmest wishes for the coming year.

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