Thursday, September 28, 2006

The rest of the pictures

Here are the pictures I didn't want stalkers to see, plus the one yesterday, which was David walking back up the long rock walkway from the house.

Mum Farm

In front of Rankin House

At the top of the steps, before descent (ie, when it seemed like a good idea). The river is the Ohio. The docent at the museum said that, before the dam was built, the river was about half the width and half the depth. Sometimes people could cross it on foot or on the ice when it froze over in the winter. Otherwise, they had to use skiffs to cross.

The infamous steps. Zi also refused to go up after a while and Rachel hoisted her up on her hip and hauled her up.

At last! The steps are behind us! Except for these...but there's the house! The sky really was that blue. It was a gorgeous day.

Dave's reaction after the steps. I wonder what he would have done if he'd actually gone down and up them.

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Brony said...

Great photos.