Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 25

Thirteen nicknames belonging to people in my family

  1. Uncle Buggy
  2. Ab-Norma
  3. Pling
  4. Bunny
  5. Beez
  6. Doo
  7. Tzeitel
  8. Lau
  9. Auntie Lo
  10. Abs
  11. Tita
  12. FiFi (yes, this was a nickname for a human child)
  13. Ness

I had an idea for what I thought would be a really good Thursday Thirteen and I didn't write it down so it's lost to the vagaries of my twisted mind.  ARGH!

Do you like the TT tag above?  I made it my ownsome.  That's what one of our trees looked like this morning in the sunlight.

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12 comments: 2 cents said...

A cute list! We had a family member with a nickname similiar to Fifi... yes, a human child, too!

Anonymous said...

Cute list. :) Ab-Norma - too funny! :D

Thanks for stopping by and happy T13. :)

suki said...

we don't have nicknames in our family, but those are actually very cute/funny ;)

Tammy said...

what a sweet list!! Happy TT

Tug said...

CUTE!! Nicknames are fun...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... I'm curious about Uncle Buggy.

Anonymous said...

Very cute list. I've had a lot of nicknames...maybe that will be a future TT for me.

Thanks for stopping by!

The Imperfect Christian said...

I love the Ab-Norma one! That is cool! I always love to find blogs of fellow adoptive moms!

amy said...

sounds like a fun family!

Mine is up! Please stop by to vote for our daughters name!!!

Jen said...

I know where Tzeitel comes from!

The others, I confess, are pretty puzzling. :-)

natalie said...

when he was 1, my oldest liked naming things:

ketchup was gibble gibble gop
he was school bus nick nick
he named child #2 big digger tv
and he gave the beans our last name!

great list!

Thanks for the visit!

Crazy Fat Chick said...

Nice list. I have a great uncle we call Uncle Boo Boo (must suck for a man in his 80s to be called Boo Boo). My sister has an odd nickname that I gave her when she was born. I was only 14 months old but I refused to call her anything else. Sometimes I answer her phone and get momentarily confused when people ask for her by her real name.

Thanks for stopping by.