Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #26

Thirteen randomly weird things about this week (aka, Thought Soup Day)

  1. I don't know where my brain has been this week!  It's definitely MIA.  I've been doing a lot of really dumb stuff.  If I didn't know better, I'd think I were pregnant but that's not even in the realm of possible thought, even for it being a randomly weird week.
  2. Wednesday, I left the house, children in tow, without my driver's license.  I realized it halfway to Friend Husband's university, our first stop, and was just horrified.  So was Friend Husband when I told him.  He was of the opinion, it being illegal to drive without a license, that I should truck on back home and go back to the university tomorrow to keep an appointment.  My thought was that I was already driving illegally and driving illegally back home so that I could waste yet another day dealing with junk at FH's place of work didn't make sense.  Perhaps I should have turned around and gone back.  I didn't.
  3. And I thought about that later on, when I absent-mindedly ran a red light.
  4. No, I didn't get a ticket, but after I stopped bawling from being so upset about that having happened (I didn't even see the light, for Pete's sake), I thought how poetic the justice would be if I got a ticket for running a red light AND for not having a license while I was hauling people around.
  5. Ok, regarding last week's TT, wherein I gave some of our strange family nicknames:  here are a few explanations.  Friend Husband's nicknames (on the list) were:  Uncle Buggy, Lau, and Ness.  My nieces called him Uncle Buggy (his name, when it is not Friend Husband, which really doesn't work at the psychology department, is Doug and they couldn't pronounce it very well.)  His mom used to call him Lau, for reasons I won't get into here and I used to call him Ness for reasons I can't get into because it's too long, complicated, and ultimately stupid.
  6. My sole nickname in life has been Auntie Lo or Aunt Lowly.  The same nieces couldn't pronounce my name properly either, so they called me "Lowly" instead of Lori.  I've always wanted a nickname but there's precious little one can do with "Lori", so I was happy to finally have one.
  7. My oldest daughter's nickname when she was a wee lass was Pling, short for "dumpling".  The next oldest daughter's nickname was Bunny, because she was such a cute little cuddly bunny of a girl.  David goes by Davey Doo (not to be confused with Uncle Doo Doo, who actually still goes by that name even though he's in his 50's) and one of Keziah's many many nicknames is Tzeitel.  Yes, it is a long story.
  8. Before Keziah came to our home to grace us with her presence, Abigail had the longest list of nicknames of anyone in the family.  Aside from the very obvious Abby, she also answered to Abs, Beez, Tita, and FiFi and variants of all of these.  In her baby book, I have a list of nicknames she had before she was 4.  It's a long one.
  9. Ok, though Ab-Norma doesn't really need explaining, I will anyway.  My stepfather has a brother who was married to a very strange woman named Norma.  The brother was also very strange that, at our wedding, I found myself assuring Friend Husband that those people weren't related to me by blood.  My stepfather hung the name Ab-Norma onto his sister-in-law and it stuck, around the family anyway.  If we refer to "Ab", we know it's Norma and not my own Abs.
  10. This is the week to lose things (including what's left of my feeble little mind)...I cannot find my gym bag, which has my permit in it to go to any Curves I choose and not just the one with all the snotty, snooty women.  Friend Amy and I were going to go to the Curvy Road Curves this morning but I spent 30 minutes waaaay too early this morning trying to find the missing gym bag and the missing permit.  I ended up driving down to the CRC to apologize to Amy and they let me work out anyway.  Meanwhile, the manager of the Snooty Curves told the manager of the CRC that SC would fax a copy of my permit to CRC and hasn't done it.  I think she's even more off-base than I am.
  11. Speaking of losing things, I've totally lost what else I wanted to say this morning.  So I will say that today and tomorrow are supposed to be unbelievably gorgeous days with highs in the 70's.  I will be attempting to get the 1,352,739,503 leaves off my driveway (that have fallen since I did this yesterday) and gum up the cracks in the driveway with asphalt so the ice won't tear it apart this winter.
  12. Except that I lost the gun that you shoot the stuff into the cracks with, so I'll either have to find that or buy another one.
  13. And, in a final "loser" moment, I couldn't find the scrub brush for the bathroom tub and sink today, when I finally managed to get enough energy up to clean the bathroom.  I don't think I lost that one, though.  My sources say that Doo got hold of it and hid it somewhere.

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Anonymous said...

OH MY... what a week!

Jen said...

Ok, I love all of the explanations for the nicknames! Hilarious!

Sort of like Pling, Anya sometimes is called Nyah. I don't know why, it just happens that way :-)

I hope you start feeling more together soon. When you do, will you tell me the secret of how to do it?

I'm playing today, too :-) 2 cents said...

Sounds like an interesting week!

That's too bad you got stopped w/ out having a your liensce with you.. but it's good you did not get a ticket.

You have some interesting nicknames in your family!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've had quite the week!

Wonderful nicknames for all your family. :)

I hope you can locate all the lost items!

Thanks for stopping by. :)