Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #30

Thirteen Things about gardening last week

This is the entry that got delayed due to the retirement of Greg Wiggle.  Yes, it is true.  I have no life.

  1. What a lovely thing a garden is!  I wish I had my notebook or computer or something outside with me while I'm working in the garden because the most beautiful phrases flit in and out of my brain when I'm working in the soil.
  2. Today is supposed to top out at 70º, an amazing thing for the end of November in Ohio.  I took the opportunity, in the 30 minutes alloted to me by the Schedule to make myself presentable to other humans to instead go plant the rest of my bulbs in the new bed out front.  I mean, the presentability thing only lasts so long but bulbs last least more than a day, if the deer don't get to them.
  3. I consider bulbs and perennials to be a gift to my future self.  In that sense, I think they're a plug for the future, don't you think?  I don't get all enthusiastic and go planting trees (although I did plant one tree, in memory of one of the miscarried babies) because those take so long to become mature, but bulbs and perennials are hopeful plantings...about as hopeful as I ever get about anything.
  4. I can pray out in my garden better than I can pray almost anywhere else.  Perhaps that is because the babies were inside with Sarah or just because the act of gardening is somewhat prayerful.  There I was, kneeling on the ground, replacing the dirt I'd shoveled out to plant the daffodil bulbs and crying out to the Lord for my needs and the needs of others.
  5. It's not for nothing that my neighbors think I'm a little kooky.
  6. But seriously, smelling the deep, luscious musk of the earth while putting in the plants-to-be and delighting over the numbers of healthy earthworms just helps me be even more grateful for who I am and for what God has given me.  It also helps me to realize that He loves me and is "there" for me, for want of a better phrase.
  7. I planted tulip bulbs in the middle of a long straight part of the garden and surrounded them by daffodil bulbs.  I'm hopeful (but at the same time, skeptical) that the daffs will discourage the deer from coming to eat the tulips.  If they come, they come.  I'll plant something else in the middle next year.
  8. I also learned something about patience and planning today while I was planting.  After planting my 100 or so bulbs, I thought, "You know, it would be wonderful if I could just go and get some more bulbs to plant around these mums..."  Then I stopped and realized that this golden 30 minutes of time was just that...a golden 30 minutes of time.  Soon the wintry blast will be coursing through the garden.  While I can (and have) planted during those times, it's not conducive to as happy a series of thoughts as I had today.  And sometimes you just have to plan and wait.
  9. It felt so springy out today!  The air was mild and moist and I caught myself wishing that it was indeed spring.  Don't get me wrong, I love a lot about winter.  I love the bracing air, the thrilling whiteness of newly-fallen snow.  I love the hearty stews and hot chocolates of winter.  But I also look forward with longing to the spring.
  10. When I was growing up, in the wilds of Austin, Texas, we only had two seasons:  Hot and Less Hot. When we moved to Columbia, MO, part of the culture shock for me was realizing that there were in fact 4 seasons, just like I'd read in the Little House books and Little Women.  I mean, we'd been skiing in Colorado, I knew what snow looked like, but seasons.  Now there was a concept!  I do love all the seasons, in their various ways.  They're all beautiful and they're all heartbreaking.
  11. Today it snowed here in greater Cincinnati.  The wind chill is near zero.  Not much for those of you who live where there is actually winter, but a big deal here.  And so, so beautiful.  The moon last night was a large yellow orb hanging in the sky.  Does everyone have the same moon?  Was your moon large and yellow last night, or was it just a trick of geography?
  12. When we were driving to worship services on Sunday, I was loving the trees.  Their bare fingers against the sky are so amazingly lacy and startling.  I wish I could photograph them but I know that my pictures would only frustrate me with their inadequacy.  I sighed deeply.  Friend Husband asked me what was wrong and I said, "Look at those trees.  Sometimes they're so beautiful that they break your heart."  Fortunately, Friend Husband is used to me, so he just nodded.
  13. It's stunning to me how quickly time passes now.  Maybe it's just part and parcel of my inability to think at this time but I can never remember what month or indeed, what season it is.  My brain is still stuck in the lush, verdant, humid summerscape of my mind.  Snow is falling silently outside but in my own murky head, the sun is shining down on green leaves and flowers.

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Anonymous said...

you are so right! a gift to your future self! i love that! wonderful list! i love tulips, i wish they grew down here in florida. happy tt!

angela said...

WHo is Greg Wiggle?

I actually planted some pansies this year...I ahve never planted flowers, but I was inspired at one point.

I think bulbs are a great idea, and really anything perennial. Wish I was a better gardener/landscaper.

Your place sounds lovely...

Anonymous said...

Lovely Wife and I watch gardening shows all the time, but somehow I don't really like gardening. Lovely Wife does though.

I know what you mean by the smell of the earth. I grew up in cotton, soy bean, and rice country in northeast Louisiana, and when I go back, the smell of the earth is overpowering. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Great list...sounds like you've had the chance to get out and get some fresh (cough, cough) air and experience life outside.

Happy TT! Thanks for stopping by!