Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen # 29

Thirteen Things about breaking news on Greg Wiggle...I mean, Greg Page


Yeah, yeah, y'all thought I wouldn't blog on this today?  I had a lovely Thursday Thirteen all made up already but this one seemed more timely and since I confused/alarmed some folks yesterday by putting up that picture of Greg as Wiggle (with the caption "Thanks for the memories, Greg!"), I figured I owe it to y'all to fill in the blanks.


Yes, there are more important things going on in the world but this one is more easy for a brain full of mush to blog about.


I know there are some folks who could care less about the Wiggles or actively dislike them and I'm sorry to bore you have my blessing to bow out at this point.


  1. Ok, the short version:  Greg Page has (finally) been diagnosed with something called orthostatic intolerance.  Basically what that means is that when he stands up, his heart does not compensate by beating faster to move blood around where it needs to be.  This can also happen in a warm room or in hot weather.

  2. Some symptoms of the disorder (for which Page has a genetic predisposition) include:  excessive fatigue, exercise intolerance, nausea, tachycardia, palpitations, tremulousness, weakness (especially in the legs), chest discomfort, shortness of breath, migraines and other headaches, and gastrointestinal problems.  Small wonder he's finding it difficult to perform.

  3. Apparently, he's had signs of this happening for the past 12 years but the symptoms have only recently been chronic and severe enough for the doctors to get a handle on it.  It is supposed that the double hernia and subsequent operation he had last year put the condition "over the top", as it were.

  4. This household was rife with speculation yesterday.  Would all the Wiggles fold it in?  Some of them are getting rather long in the tooth and Greg was the youngest of the bunch...Would they hand over the reins to a younger bunch and retire in sunny Australia?  Maybe they'd tour without a Yellow Wiggle.  Or, perhaps, they'd bring in the understudy and continue as usual.
  5. And that is, of course, what they did.

  6. Welcome to Sam Moran, the new Yellow Wiggle!                  Sam Moran

  7. Sam is no stranger to Wiggles fans, as he has been involved with the group for the past 9 years as a Wiggly Dancer, in the Wiggly Orchestra, and, of course, as Greg's understudy. 
  8. My children would also note that he has been Professor Singa-Lotta-Songa and that they don't particularly relish that part of the show, although they're willing to give Sam a chance.
  9. The girls also spent some time yesterday trying to envision what common Wiggles songs would sound like with Sam as lead singer (his voice, while quite beautiful, is also much deeper than Greg's).  The results were, well, stinkin' hilarious, in my opinion.  Fruit Salad now sounds like an opera song.
  10. Back to Sam Moran...Born in Wagga Wagga (I kid you not), he was trained at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney, Australia.  He joined The Wiggles in 1998, as the host of the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show.  He is married to the former Dorothy, Lyn Stuckey.
  11. If you would like to watch Greg's video announcement for yourself, click here.  I will warn you, though, it's a honkin' big file to load.  At the end, Sam Moran is introduced, if you want to see what he looks and sounds like.
  12. If you would like to send a card to Greg Page, the address for the office is:  The Wiggles Office
    P.O. Box 7873
    Baulkham Hills BC  NSW 2153
  13. I guess that's about all I have on Greg Page/Greg Wiggle, etc.  I will take this opportunity to advise that if you are still about half asleep, or your household is, that you not go to the new Wiggles website and half-consciously sling your mouse about.  Very bad for the nerves, that.

G'day mates!

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Blonde Chick said...

My youngest was addicted to the Wiggles for quite awhile, but thankfully, my kids have all outgrown the show. Which is good, because I still have episode where I break out in a rendition of "Wiggly Safari." LOL

Great post!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same wiggles that we see on Noggin TV? A program for kids.

Ali said...

a new yellow wiggle??? where have i been?

Elisa said...

Great list! Thanks for visiting my TT!

Caryle said...

There are no children in my household (other than my inner child), but I heard this news yesterday morning amongst the blur of getting dressed and noted to myself that there was going to be some drama in the households of Wiggles-lovers everywhere.

Thanks for stopping by!

Smurf said...

I love the Wiggles, we used to watch them all the time a couple years ago... I am going to have to tune in now... to see the yellow Wiggle... I also noticed that alot of it is now in cartoon... Well, I hope everythign works out positively for him.

s@m said...

we're only just getting into the wiggles here since Carter's 15 months. It's been quite the scandal from what I've heard. LOL

Happy TT!

DK said...

I don't have kids, so I'm not a Wiggles regular, but I remember first seeing them introduced on one of Steve Irwin's shows because Bindi was just wild about them. Glad they've found a new Wiggle to carry on! Have a terrific weekend and thanks for stopping by my blog!

Anonymous said...

I heard about this last night.. thot I was the only one who might consider it in blog material... take care :)

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog! It is funny (or is it) that I blog about law and wiggles... not really. take care.. do come visit again! :)

angela said...

OK, Lori, I guess if I had actually looked at your blog beyond today's 13 (the gardening one) I would have been sure that Greg Wiggle was actually the Wiggles guy.

We don't too much see the Wiggles, but they are often the warm up on the Barney videos of which we have many and I have watched Fruit Salad lots of times...(and Cold Spaghetti and Quack Quack Cockadoodle doo)

I really do think it is sad about Greg...If you love to sing and make kids happy, that is a worthy thing to do, an if your health stops that, especially when you aren't that old, that is sad. He is a real person, after all...

Maybe he will write children's books or just make some CDs with cute songs on them or something...

angela said...

Not IS sad. And you are right...creepy too when someone younger than you has serious health issues. You are sweet to support him how you can.

As for the cake...
We make the batter...separate into three bowls...put food coloring....pour one in (usually doesn't cover the bottom) pour in the next in the empty spot (WILL go on part of the first color) then the last one just carefully poured on top. The quickly into the oven. It will mix some...

Not something you would serve at a fancy dinner party :-) but the kids like it. This time I just made a Jiffy cake mix yellow (it only makes one layer) because we have a different thing every night and it needs to be GONE today.

Thanks for asking about it, and I will visit you again. You are da bomb, girl, for homeschooling...that is such a commitment. Have a great week.