Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 36

Thirteen Things about my day

  1. Firstly, you must understand that two or three people in my family were too sick to go to church last night. Two of them are still feeling under the weather and the twins are starting the streamy nose thing. So you know where we start here.
  2. Last night was just wretched. Ever since I started taking my happy pills, I've been sleeping like a log. I don't sleep like a log as a general rule (being prone to secondary insomnia and all) so I'm loving this particular side effect. Naturally, it stopped working last night.
  3. I woke up with what felt like a grainy billard ball right in the middle of my throat. And by waking up, I mean like at 2:30 AM (and 3:30, and 4:45, and 5:07...). When the alarm went off at 6, the talk radio people were talking about some congressman who was unable to join the Congressional Black Caucus because he's caucasian. For some reason, this got integrated into a dream about my taking a college class on the Black Experience and I didn't wake up until 7.
  4. When I sat up to get out of bed, my head was hit by a large anvil, just like in the cartoons. Well, it wasn't, really, but it felt like it had been. And I was cold. I was sure that I was getting what Sarah had last night, so I asked Friend Husband to feel my forehead and see if I had a fever. He did, I didn't. Bummer. I had to get up.
  5. Naturally, Sarah had taken the last two ibuprofen last night. Alleve does not work as well on headaches as ibuprofen. Even coffee didn't help. And I had to get up because David had one of his thrice-annual eye exams this morning. I did go back to sleep, with Lucy the Wonder Dog, for about 15 minutes, but was awakened by filial needs.
  6. I finally got up, got dressed, got the twins dressed, and choked down enough toast and coffee to get me through. I also made pb&j for the twins because I knew that, despite his appointment's being at 11, we wouldn't get out of there before 12.
  7. Fortunately, some combination of cold air, coffee, and Alleve helped my headache to recede to a dull roar. I was actually able to enjoy the pretty snowflakes as we drove to the clinic. Every few minutes, Keziah (or, her new self-proposed nickname, "Kuh") would say, "Cool, Mommy! Cool!" We got to the clinic and settled in for a while.
  8. The twins were actually very well-behaved for a change. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for other children in the vicinity. And I always cringe when I see other African-Americans in the waiting room, especially when Kuh's hair is a bit in need of updating and David managed to drink half my coffee this morning and only spilled a little bit on his formerly clean shirt. Nevertheless, I always feel judged. It's probably in my head, as no one has said anything to me (yet) but I always wish that I were a better person and never left the house without our all looking our level best.
  9. David's eyes are good. The ophthamologist said that his lazy eye probably won't require glasses but that he needs to continue the three times a year visits until he's off steroids because the steroids can cause cataracts. His lenses are very clear now, though. And we got to visit with all the medical staff we've come to know over the past year or so and that was nice. I guess I don't realize how big the twins are getting but they were bumfuzzled over the change in the last 4 months. Good times.
  10. After calling to check on the Big Girls, who were left at home to 1) recuperate, 2) not infect Clermont County with their various viruses, and 3) do their schoolwork, I gave the twins their sandwiches and pointed the Big Green Van to Hobby Lobby to further enhance my stash with sale-priced cotton yarns, thanks to a tip from my dealer, Friend Gina. I picked a wide variety of lovely cotton yarns, successfully resisted the urge to randomly buy soft, froofy other yarns on sale, got some scrapbooking stickers (yes, Gina, I know, but I'm still not possessed by the Dark Side of Scrapbooking) and headed toward the front to check out.
  11. Naturally, as is generally the case when I want to get somewhere quickly, the lines were uncommonly long. I got in the shorter of the two, only to discover that it was occupied by someone who was buying a bunch of stuff with what looked like tax-free purchase orders. Grand. I stood there talking to the twins for a while. I tried to convince David that it was a bad plan to sit on the edge of the tiny Hobby Lobby cart and tried to tell Kuh that I was waiting in line to pay and we couldn't leave until I had done so. Kuh then took the opportunity to tell the woman behind us in line and everyone else that we could see that, "Mommy PAY! Mommy PAY!" The lady behind her got a big kick out of her, glory be. Sometimes you get in front of extremely cranky people and I was already reaching the end of my ability to cope.
  12. About the time that the purchase-order woman was getting finished, I realized that I should have made myself a sandwich too because I could feel my blood sugar plumment to the depths. Once we PAID, I pulled up, asked the twins to carry my (two) bags, and we proceeded like a little train out to the Big Green Van in the parking lot. They were very cute, very serious in their occupations of carrying my bags. I could scarcely get them to return them to me and get into their car seats once we were to the van. This was because they had planned on rifling through them while I pointed the van home and navigated the highways and byways all the while trying valiantly to remember if we had any food at all in the car to tide me over until we got home.
  13. Oh, this was funny and I forgot to tell it at the appropriate place in the narrative (yes, I got home, got some food, and I'm waiting for my blood sugar and all other systems to return to whatever normal is these days...the billiard ball is now a golf ball and it isn't as rough and scratchy), so I'll tell it now. When we were in the clinic and the two African-American women were looking at me, I asked the younger of the two how old her toddler was. She answered that he was 14 months old and I appropriately cooed over him (he was a pretty little boy with a cute afro hairstyle). Then she asked Kuh how old she was. (I'll cut in here to say that I've been working on a joke with her for the past few months and she delivered the punchline perfectly.) Keziah ducked her head and said, "Two." Then she raised up her head and said, "Bubby Two!" The woman said, "Your brother's two?" Keziah nodded with great solemnity and the African-American woman said, "Aww, they're twins? He's so much bigger than she is!" I nodded to her, then looked at Keziah and said, "Keziah, how old is Mommy?" She grinned really big and said, "OLD!" I thought the other ladies were going to die from the shock of it. It was marvelous.

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Frances said...

Awwwww I can just hear your little one telling her age and yours :) right now.
Hope you and everyone else feels a hundred percent soon.
Take care

Lady G~ said...

Sorry to hear you are under the weather too. If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy. :o( Praying for a speedy recovery.

Your wee ones are precious! Wish I could of been there to see Kuh telling the ladies about her age, her brothers AND yours! Priceless!

Marcia said...

Hope you feel better. I enjoyed the story about age.

Proverbs31 said...

That age joke is priceless!

Hope everyone in your family is feeling better. :)

Chickadee said...

Your twins sound cute. Hope you're feeling better and aren't getting sick. I know I"m waiting to feel great instead of less bad on my medicine too. I suppose it doesn't work that way. :I