Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 45

Thirteen Things about my daughter Sarah, on the occasion of her 14th birthday


  1. Sarah was, of course, our firstborn child.  Funny thing was, even before I was pregnant, I knew our first child would be a girl.  I could "see" her in my mind's eye and it never occurred to me for a minute that she could be male.

  2. She was born a bit after 5PM on 4/5.  I remember the nurse telling me (after I'd been pushing for 2 hours) that if I could just push a little harder, Sarah could be born before she went off shift.  I remember looking at the nurse (who I really liked) and saying, "I.  Don't.  Care."  She weighed 9#, 6 ozs. at birth and was so ginormous that she broke her collar bone being born.

  3. Friend Husband picked out her first name, I picked out her second middle name and we both picked out her first middle name.

  4. Sarah had her days and nights mixed up for quite some time after she got home.  She slept so little that I hallucinated severely after she was home a few days.

  5. Getting her home from the hospital was quite a challenge to begin with.  She was born with 3 heart defects:  ASD, coarctation of the aorta, and a hole in her heart.  She was supposed to have surgery when she was 4 days old but when they did an ultrasound on her heart before the heart surgery, they discovered that the thing they wanted to go in and correct had corrected itself.  Praise God!  Today she merely has a murmur.

  6. Sarah was our only binky baby until Keziah came around.  She loved her bink and would pop one in and contemplate the world around her.

  7. Sarah is very bright but steadfastly refused to read until she was almost 6 years old.  Did I mention she's also stubborn?

  8. Sarah loves to write stories.  She doesn't believe that I also liked to write stories when I was her age.  Mom is just so dull, how could she love the same things I do?  But I do and she does.  Of course, I wrote short stories and poetry and she writes novels...

  9. Sarah loves Star Trek:  TOS.  Not The Next Generation, not Voyager, not anything else but TOS.  She considers all others to be mocking of TOS.  I did mention that stubborn streak, didn't I?

  10. We started homeschooling mainly because of the issues that Sarah had in public school.  Bringing her home was one of the best things we did for her, IMHO.  She's really bloomed over the last several years and I think that her self-esteem and self-confidence is very strong as a result.  Not to mention that she's had the opportunity to write lots of novels in her spare time.

  11. Surprisingly enough, Sarah is interested in writing for a living.  Although I was also interested in that, I never pursued it as seriously as she does and never at as young an age as she has.

  12. Sarah is starting to think and act as an adult.  She is dependable, competent, and thoughtful.  She doesn't always enjoy the hijinks which come with being the oldest of 5 children, but she has a lovely soft side that she shows to me on a regular basis.  She continues to surprise and amaze me.

  13. So here's to you, long, and prosper.

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Danielle said...

This is the second birthday announcement TT love letter to daughter today. Wonderfully said.
Happy birthday Sarah
Happy TT
And I know the plans are to enjoy the day.

Jackie said...

Hi Lori... I love your blog... I'm adding it to my ever growing blogroll :)