Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ali's Knitting Contest

Ok, here goes with the best laid plans of women and maniacs. Ali has a contest at her blog regarding summer knitting. You put down your summer knitting plans and enter the contest. It's that simple. Or not. Whatever. If you want to join, you have two days to do it. And if you heard it here first, please tell Ali so that I can get extra credit.

So here are my goals for the summer:

1. I joined the sock-a-month KAL which ends on 7/31, so I hope/plan to knit two pairs of socks.

2. Knit my cousin a kimino out of the Mason-Dixon Knitting Book for her first baby, due at the end of August (like an August baby in LA needs a long-sleeved kimino, but whatever).

3. Knit the twins sweaters out of some of the acrylic that I got for Mother's Day.

4. Knit the dishcloths that I need to have to give the ladies at my congregation for their birthdays (I've been giving them a hand-knitted dishcloth for their birthdays...they don't get it but it makes me happy.)

5. Finish knitting and shrinking Friend Diane's felted bag which is in exchange for the dandy soap she gave me this month.

And that's enough for this girl. I've got five children, camp to get ready for and to go to (and to return from) a 40th birthday celebration to contemplate (my own, on Father's Day), homeschooling to do, and several gardens to keep under control. Enough excuses? Probably.

Let's see how well I've done at the end of the summer.


Gina said...

I thought I enjoyed knitting until you. I like it but girl, you are obsessed!

I'll email you about next week. Feel free to say no if you're busy with OK plans. I'm really sorry about tonight. Its one of those days that if I add one more thing, I'm gonna lose it.

Renee said...

Happy day busy girl. I gotta get DD ready for camp too...physical to schedule.