Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 51

Thirteen Things I need to get done this afternoon

I was going to blog about gardening for Julie, who wants to know what's so great about it, but I have too much to do. Here are some of them:

1. Clean out the dryer vent hose. (done)
2. Clean the dryer lint behind and atop the dryer. (done)
3. Wash lotsa clothes. (done)
4. Supervise the girls' cleaning of the family room. (done)
5. Clean the dining room. (yeah, sorta)
6. Figure out something quick to eat for dinner and get it ready so Friend Husband can be in and out of here in the hour he has to eat this evening. (done-red lentil curry, asparagus, and ubiquitous green salad)
7. Put away the winter coats. (done)
8. Bring up my summer t-shirts so I finally have something to wear.
9. Find a storage place for my surplus bought dog food (The Grocery Game rocks!) (done)
10. Tidy up the living room. (done)
11. Find the next sock pattern to knit.
12. Water the annuals I haven't had time to plant yet. (done-some of them were pretty done already)
13. Frog Friend Diane's bag because it just ain't working the way I want it to. Bleah. (done, sigh)

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JennieBoo said...

You sound like me. Lotsa clothes, so little time!

And for dinner, who knows? Maybe I'll "throw something together"!

Thanks for sharing your 13!

Happy Thursday!

JennieBoo said...


In answer to your question I am an ovo-lacto(limited) vegetarian. I eat eggs and milk "in" things, but never alone. In like, say, a cake. They MUST be cooked, however. No mayo, ice cream, a variety of dips, sauce...YUCK!

I can't stand how they taste, alone. And I guess if I don't know they're there, and if they're well "hidden" I don't worry as's a shame.....

Happy Thursday, anyway!

Toni said...

I'm tired just from reading your list! Mine is up at Being An Air Force Wife!

Raggedy said...

Wow you got so much done!
I still have more clothes to do here as well...
Happy TT'ing!

Stephanie said...

Ah, those busy, busy days. Hope you got it all done.