Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday, finally's Friday! Of course, I won't get a nice restful Saturday but it feels good to be Friday! Tomorrow I have to go to the Farmer's Market to visit Friend Diane and buy my rosemary for the summer (note to self: um, you need cash, woman!). Immediately afterward, I have to go home and get the females in my house (as well as myself) gussied up for a bridal shower. Outside. In the 90 + ยบ heat. Oh yeah. Actually, this is the family who thought it would be fun to have an outside wedding at noon in June last year. Why do they hate me so much? After that, we have the Ethiopian adoptive family get-together (did I mention that that is also outside? In the heat?) And after that, I have book club. Have I read the book? No. I did start it but it so got into my psyche that I had to put it down and walk away.

Our library is open again! Hurrah! It's so wonderful to have a library within walking distance (well, sort of). I got the book club book (Last Light by Terri Blackstock) there and started it as well as My 1000 Americans: A Year-Long Odyssey Through the Personals by Rochelle Morton and lots and lots of knitting books. We took out 45 items yesterday. Ahhhhhhhh....summer reading, here I come!

Um, there was something else I was going to blog about...oh, just this: It was one of those perfect little moments that you wish you had some sort of commemorative brain scan so you can recall every detail. David and I were out back, trying to cut the extra-long nails of Lucy the Wonder Dog. Lucy was dancing away from us and we were just chilling out, sitting on the grass. A bird landed behind David, about 6 feet away. I saw it but David did not.

Now I will stop here to say that David is neither the most obedient nor the most subtle of children. His movements are usually abrupt and large. I grabbed hold of his arm and quietly told him to turn his head and look at that bird. Strangely enough, he slowly scanned the area I indicated with my nod and did not break away from my grasp to chase the bird. We sat there, watching that bird walk around the yard for at least 5 minutes, quietly talking about what sort of bird it was ("It's a robin, David." "Is a *unintelligible garble that approximated 'robin'*!), what it was doing ("Oh look! It's got a worm! It's going to eat the worm." "Eatta worm?"), ("Maybe it'll take the worm to its babies." "Babies eatta worm?") and the differences between humans and birds ("See the red feathers on its chest?"[silence] "Do boys eat worms?" "Blech! Boys no eatta worm!")

I had tears in my eyes when it happened. There we were, peacefully enjoying the day and each other. No commitments, no sisters, no instruction (well, sort of), nothing but sheer, common enjoyment. Which is very uncommon in my world.

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Julie said...

I don't know; I have been told when I was little I tried a worm I had found in the dirt. I didn't like it!

Did you see? Magazine column just for me!!!