Friday, May 04, 2007

Blog break

As the title would indicate, I'm going to take a blog break.  I've been having a lot of trouble with my right wrist and it just gets worse with computer use (I'm sure that's how it got started to begin with).  So I'm going to lay off the computer for a while and see if it gets better.  I sure don't want to give myself repetitive motion injuries.  But, before I sign off, I give you Keziah, trying to sing the Interjections song from Schoolhouse Rock.  Sadly, her performance was interrupted by a commando raid by her brother on the photo-gal.

And, for Julie, a picture (and not a good one at that, sorry) of the sock yarn I bought at the store that was going out of business.  I'm missing one little ball of red cotton yarn but this is what I could find to photograph.  I don't know which one I'll use first but it'll sure be fun to try!  I'm almost finished with my first "test pattern", a felted slipper that Friend Gina thought would be a good introduction to the mechanics of sock knitting.  (I don't have a picture of that one, sorry!)

Sock yarn psp

Clockwise, from upper left, Wildfoote (75% washable wool, 25% nylon), Cascade Fixations (cotton & nylon), Sockotta (cotton, wool, & nylon and no color name, just a number-363), Online Supersocke 100 (wool & polyamid, color-Sierra) and Online Supersocke 100 (wool & polyamid, color-City)

I shall miss my blogging friends...don't forget about me.  I may just have some completed projects to show you at the end of the break.  Or not, depending on how badly my wrist is doing and for how long.  Enjoy your Mother's Day, enjoy your life, hug your babies and your parents and live long and prosper.


Julie in Texas said...

I love the Sockotta. I have a skein of it waiting to be knit. I have heard good things about the Online. And a sweet knitting friend who knows soooo much more about socks than I do has used the Wildfoote and likes it.

I am sorry to hear your wrist is hurting. I hope your break won't be too long! I have enjoyed corresponding.

Take care,

gina said...

She did a really good job with expressions!

Julie said...

Before I forget Keziah was so cute singing school house rocks. What memories those little songs bring back. Oh for a time kids were taught during breaks in their Saturday cartoons... now the networks just try to turn our little ones into consumers!

I hope your wrist is better soon. When I was in the military, I got tendonitis after a day of filling and carrying sandbags, pounding in tent stakes... but I didn't want to wimp out and go to sick call. I stuck it out until I could not move my wrist at all. I ended up with my wrist splinted for weeks and then in physical therapy for months.

You are way smarter than I am!