Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 49

Thirteen Things I did with my blog break

1. Finished Fuzzy Feet, aka my "Ruby Slippers"(no pictures, sorry, as I left them in Knoxville).

2. Did something to my beloved camera so that it doesn't charge or download pictures anymore...wahhhhh!

3. Finished my first real knitted sock! Yay me!

4. Visited the in-laws in FL.

5. Visited my beloved sil and nieces in Knoxville. Had an absolutely marvelous time!

6. Tilled and planted my vegetable garden.

7. Knitted and felted a bowl for a gift for my mil.

8. Still working on Rachel's felted purse (I just got my yarn from KnitPicks yesterday).

9. Read a couple of books.

10. Went to the beach and played in the Atlantic surf with my family...way way too fun!

11. Got caught on I75 in a traffic jam due to closure of the road due to the wildfires in FL and GA (it was rather eerie to sit on the highway amidst the smoke and falling ash...put me in mind of Pompeii).

12. Was rear-ended (in the new van, of course) in Berea, KY

13. Rested my wrist and moved my Xanga blog...I hope that I'm now back!

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Anonymous said...

You were busy! We had really bad fires out here last September and it was raining ash everywhere....looked like burnt snowflakes. Pretty freaky. Great TT!

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful break... it does not sound like you rested your wrist much... I hope it healed anyway!

One thing I did while you were on break...

I moved my blog ~ Yes! Again...

dawnae said...

Sounds like you had quite a break. Amazing how much time the computer can take up...what did we do with out them? Hope you and your car are okay. I better get off my blogging and get out in the garden before it gets any warmer!

Anastacia said...

Yeah for knitting socks! I just finished a pair up this am, and posted photos to my blog. I don't know if you saw them when you visited my TT.

Thanks for stopping by!

Jeannine said...

Seems like you were busy :-)
I envy for the sock knitting. I love hand knitted socks. Unfortunately I can't knit to save my life!!! I can crochet though... but who ever heard of crochet socks...? LOL!