Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Okey dokey (from Saturday)

And here I thought I was going to get to blog again! I've been blog-blog-blogging in my head but have had no time to get here on the computer. Perhaps next week (when we get back into school again) will be better for that.

In the meantime, thank you for all of you who've moved over here. One day I will explain both the move and the name but this is not that day. This day I'm going to ask you to go over to my daughter Sarah's blog and take her quiz. It's really good! And leave her a comment while you're at it, if you would.

So what has been going on? Well, I've been trying to get unpacked from our trip (done) and laundry accomplished (riiiight). I went knitting with Friend Gina on Thursday night and it was just a riotous blast. Little do the urban hip baristas at Starbucks know about what the old ladies knitting in the armchairs are cackling about. I think it would unpierce a few of their body parts. Whilst there I finished Rachel's buttonhole bag, which I still can't take a picture of because I still can't figure out how to fix my camera. It seems to have a malfunction where it won't acknowledge that the camera is on the base, so I can't get it to charge the batteries (nor to unload the pics that are on there). I feel like a one-armed paperhanger without my camera.

Gina also praised my completed sock to embarrassing excess (and I was eating it up) so now I'm extra motivated to try and get the second one finished. If I could but find my instructions. I'm past one of the "stupid" parts (endless ribbing for the cuff) and need directions for making the heel and gusset. Then there's more stupid knitting (the kind you can do while cackling and drinking fabulous but overpriced coffee at Starbucks) and then I'll have completed my very very first pair of knitted socks. I can't wait.

Today was spent dealing with coupons and shopping. Now I know that there are many of you who will say, "I never use coupons, they just don't save me anything on what I want." I know this because I was recently of your ranks. I was converted in this, as in many things of ultimate goodness, by Friend Gina, who nagged me to try The Grocery Game. I am here to proselytize all of you. And if you join, please use my name as a referral so I can get free weeks. Thank you.

Here's why I like GG so much. Because it allows me to be lazy and still save a fabulous amount of money. I don't have to scan circulars and hunt coupons. GG does it for me. All I have to do is to go to the site, print off my list, cut out the coupons I need (not the coupons I don't) and go to the store. All of this does take some time but I think it's well worth it. The weeks that I've done it so far, I've saved about 45% on my total purchases. I've found sales on GG that were not advertised at Meijer (my market of choice) but were there nonetheless. I've actually even gotten things free with coupons. And Friend Gina assures me that summer is a good time to get free condiments, spaghetti sauce, and cheap meat.

Go over there and read the FAQ's, etc. I'll be happy to answer any questions that I can. I just want y'all to save and stockpile and beat the high price of grocery products like I do. Teri has a 4 week for $1 offer (the service costs $10/month for one store's list) so you can see if you like what you see. Oh, and start buying the Sunday paper with the coupons (not Memorial Day's unfortunately) because you'll be on your way to saving and stockpiling like I am. My goal is to stockpile enough so that we only have to go to the grocery for milk and fresh produce (that which is not in my garden) during the month in the summer that Friend Husband does not receive a paycheck.

I'm done commercializing for this post. I'm so happy to be back!

We've got a church meeting this week so I should jam and feed the huddled masses as they get processed through the shower. It's an absolutely gorgeous day here...I hope it is there, too.

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