Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog blahs

It's not so much that I have the blogging blahs, but I think it's that I'm totally blah today.  Yesterday I was running around like mad all day, then went over to Friend Priscilla's to attempt to baste a quilt.  The grandmother of the bride is going to quilt the quilt that we pieced for her last year, but she (not surprisingly) wanted someone else to baste it.  Unfortunately, I was unable to convince her that pin basting is the way to go so Priscilla and I were up until midnight trying to thread baste that thing.  And we didn't finish.  And when we took it off the clamps to fold it up, it had wrinkles basted into 1/3 of it.  So, before Friday I need to unbaste that third, rebaste it, and finish around the edges so that we can give it to Grandma and be done with it.  Until the binding needs to be put on anyway.

Today is Abby's birthday, observed.  We were in the midst of the Hamilton Young Speaker's Meeting on Sunday, which was her actual birthday, so we're going to celebrate tonight.  She has requested for her birthday dinner:  sticky chicken, macaroni salad, mashed potatoes and gravy (she's such a gravy girl), carrot salad, and ice cream cake (chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream).  So that's what I will be doing today as well as attempting to make some order out of chaos with regard to my house, the laundry, my life.  Good luck with that one, right?

Oh, and trying to get people to return phone calls.  We called the people who owned this house before we did to try and find out how old the oil drum is because our new insurance company will not insure us if it's original to the house.  She hasn't called back.  I've been trying to call one of the sisters in the congregation all week to try to find out what her daughter (with a brand-new baby) needs for the house and she hasn't had time to call either.  And now I need to go to the store because we're out of diapers and need ice cream for Abby's cake.

I am so very blessed.  Why do I feel and see a grey cloud all around me today?


OhioKatie said...

What is sticky chicken? The meals sounds delightful... we'll be right down.

Katie in Wayne County, OH

Julie said...

First ~ Happy Birthday to Abby!

And second, before I even clicked in and saw Katie's comment, I was going to ask, "What's sticky chicken?"