Saturday, May 26, 2007


What are y'all up to today? I am going to be basting that quilt. Sigh. As JoAnn said yesterday, it will be a good thing when it's over. It took me quite some time to unbaste the 1/3 of it that I had to last night. I dread dread dread trying to get the rest of it done but I will. We will also go to the grocery this morning, as I haven't had a chance to do that this week. We keep running out of stuff like milk.

Oh! We celebrated Mother's Day last night. We were on the road on Mother's Day so we pushed it forward to yesterday. I had a hideous day yesterday and told Doug I was in no mood to "celebrate" but he overrode my crankiness and did it anyway. He brought home some wonderful Chinese food, a cheesecake sampler and a lemon meringue pie. And the gifts! And the cards! Generally speaking, the girls make their own cards and they are so very special. Sarah made me quite a lovely one. If my camera were working, I'd take a picture of it. She drew roses and a stained glass window with a mother holding a baby. It was so sweet. Rachel and Abby also made their own cards. I always save them to look over and ponder in the future.

I got a lot of yarn for Mother's Day! LOL! Go, team. The only problem is that they are now jockeying for position to see which yarn gets used first. A lot of pressure there, you know. I told them that I have a few other projects I need to finish first before I can use that yarn and I hope that will buy me some time. Doug got me 3 skeins of Lion Brand Homespun in purple, black, and are the swatches:

The swatches really don't do them justice, they are gorgeous!

Rachel got me a skein of Red Heart Light and Lofty in "wine". Here's the swatch which again, gives no clue of the luscious color:

Abby got me a skein of Bernat DenimStyle in what they call "Faded Khaki". It's green and some light whitish color...I love it. I love green. Swatch which does not do justice:

And Sarah did not get yarn. She was distracted at the check-out by a movie that she'd heard me talk about a lot and that's what she got me:

She didn't much like it when we watched it last night but it gave us ample opportunity to talk about how drugs (including alcohol) can totally mess up your life, the importance of marital fidelity (which Cash obviously didn't abide by) and other issues. They finally understood why, although I enjoy Johnny Cash's music, it always makes me uneasy. He was a complicated sinner. Anyway, so that was Mother's Day and it was lovely.

Now off to baste the quilt.


Dewey said...

I can't decide if cheesecake is the root of all evil or the best invention ever.

Since you asked what we were doing today, I'll tell you! So exciting! We went to see the original manuscript of On the Road.

jdoriot said...

I hate to baste quilts! Basting and making binding make me want to scream until I pass out! lol!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Ah! Cash :-) My dad used to play his music every Sunday, and my daughter saw Walk the Line last year for a school project (she is now in her exams - just two to go) I personally like some of his music - though my personal favourite is Bobby Bare. It is good to read that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. I kept mine quiet - my daughter's birthday was the day before Mother's Day and we spent time celebrating her birthday instead. For me it was nice to sleep long that day for a change as the baby made his first long night that day