Friday, June 22, 2007

Ah, Friday!

But first, the remnants of Thursday.  It's never a pretty thing to see this as you attempt to go track your errant toddlers.

When you go into the kitchen and the refrigerator door is wide open, it's a sign.  Not a good sign.  This was on the other side:

The closeups are even more horrendous:

Toddler son was, however, repentant:

And then there's the cleanup:

I dropped a pen in my couch this morning.  When I went to go find it, know what I found? 

1 mechanical pencil

2 stubby wooden pencils with no lead

1 Cross pencil (left over from the ones I got when I graduated from high school)

fluff that you stuff animals with

paper napkins

a strut from the Pack 'n' Play that holds the animals over the child's head

a broken (wonder how that happened) glass bangle

and 5 pens, none of which was the one I was hunting for.

That was only one teeny part of my couch.  I wonder if Jimmy Hoffa is hiding in another part.

We're off to James & Catherine's wedding!  It will be nice to see Friend Tony and Friend Norma while we're there and to visit with all those Indiana folks.  It will, however, be a very long night.  See y'all on the flipside.  Happy Friday!


Gina said...

These pictures are enough to make me have a panic attack.

pat said...

WOW - do those pictures bring me back... Actually the refrigerator scene still sometimes happens!! But I'm passed the macaroni on the stairs stage!

Training Hearts said...

ACK! I'm sure they had fun making that mess :)

Thank you for your comments on my memory garden. I did love the symbolism and the ideas are great.